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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Fun And Games Aren't Over Yet

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I'm a ticking time bomb and don't know how it will end
But I made it to the finish winning last again
When the past controls the present I've got no sins
Cause I once was a good kid

Driving down the highway with yellow scrolling past the middle of my car
The red needle pushing 120, haven't been pulled over and I've made it this far
It's a silent night except for the sound of my engine
Cranking out the horsepower that fuels my heart
Could've won first but got penalties for a false start

Now I'm passin by a shadow movin through the night
As I get closer, long blonde hair comes into sight
I realize that's a girl that I'd like to meet
Not like she'd show any attention towards me
I speed past her, I do as I'm told
The law speaks of statutory and I'm too old
This logical thought almost makes me forget
The fun and games aren't over yet

I'm rolling up a mountain and the world turns grey
The fog drowns out my headlights and I begin to pray
Saying "if there's a god won't you do me a solid
I've doubted your existence cause I never got what I wanted
But if tonight marks the end of this fight
Won't you be sure that I leave alright
Cause this everclear isn't numbing enough
I still feel the wheel in my hand, though the gripping is tough
I hope that you understand."

I realize I don't have time for a note
So I figure that they'll all think that I was too drunk and lost control
It's a shame when you can't tell anyone about your suicide
The point gets lost and I'm just another victim of the bottle who couldn't drive
I wish they could never forget
But the fun and games aren't over yet

I faintly see a curve pulling up in sight
It's a straight down drop and its calling my name
I've always wanted to fly
And when there's something that you can't have
You can only wish for it everyday until you die
It's called killing two birds with one stone
My only regret is I'm doin it alone
But the fun and games aren't over yet
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