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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Roger Waters The Wall Live Jan 27th 2012-part 1

Current mood: cheerful

Hi everyone, been awhiles! Anyway, last July tickets went on sale for The Wall tour. Musicalgirl and I purchased Bronze tickets, a little over $200au and we waited. And we waited some more. We heard he was taking 6 months off and our show would be the 1st one after the hiatus. And it was absolutely mind blowing! Words are inadequate to truly descibe the experience!
 He was fresh and smiling and said it was great to be "Paranoid in Perth!'. We live in western ausrtalia and the Burswood Dome held the event on Jan 27th and 28th, a Fri and Sat nights respectively. He ended up doing two shows but we couldn't afford to go the 2nd night.
 He also said it was great to be in Bon Scott's hometown! We went off, as did most of the crowd from the onset of "In the Flesh?". And then "the Thin Ice" gently lulled us til it's climax and God was I excited. I've gotta go but will do p2 tomorrow.
Hi and goodbye everyone!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Current mood: contemplative

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Where is my Mind

Current mood: Upside down

MG and I had a bit of a jam this morning. We got it together nicely for 'where is my mind' by the pixies. MG said we should've recorded it so we might just do that soon. We took turns with the main riff! It was heaps of fun and sounded halfway decent! 
 The main progression is a 4-chord structure, being E-C#m-G#-A. The bridge is E-G#-A-Am-C#m-B. It's not rocket science but it is a great song. Twice as good when played on two guitars.
iN OTHER NEWS I have begun a touch typing exersice program! And Im not too bad at it.
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stop talkin faslely now as the hour it is gettin l

Current mood: Hendrix

Finally got to see the BSG finale on DVD. Love how Áll along the Watchtower' is integral to the whole story! I don't go for sci-fi much, but these guys deserve a few 'good taste' points atleast!
 Written, recorded and released in early 1965[?] by none other than Bob Dylan, played on accoustic guitar with harmonica and a percussion backdrop, it is 2 mins and some seconds of pure energy on Dylan's part.
 Then came Jimi, who loved Dylan's work, and now All Along the Watchtower is forever etched as musical genius in the minds of many. I voted it as my fav song of all time in JJJ hottest 100 of all time just recently and it came in at number 30, i think it is. Thirty something, anyway! Go jimi go!!!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Times They Are A'Çhangin'

Current mood: bourbon n dry

Great song that, by God Dylan! It rings true thruout the ages and reverberates thruout the halls of time. I personally enjoy dylan's first 7 or 8 albums over all the rest that follow, circa mid-70's onwards. He really lost it in the 80's with born again fanatasicm but has come back a little recently.
 Nonetheless, the man is a living legend.
 On unrelated topics, bought a jim dunlop glass slide yesterday that souns awesome in open tunings on the Ibanez. Open G/D bass, open Gm/D bass, open Dm and open D all sound awesome.
 Will upload something in open G/D soon.
 Learnt some Water's covers that are coming along nicely and still/always working on originals.
Figuring out which sound mixer to buy as well as a corresponding audio format converter. There are so many choices out there? Buy online or go out and try to find the software?
 Any advice/ comments on recording software appreciated, cheers!
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

These are the pros and cons of hitch hiking

Great album that, by roger waters, of pink floyd fame. I hav just recently uploaded a version of the 1st track, "Äpparently they were travellin abroad". To find it, u must go to my new bandpage "Ïsotope"and there it is!
 Working hard on 2 other songs off that album and will upload when i can get good versions recorded! Could be a long wait!
 Apart from roger waters covers, am also working on my originals, but have hit some snags with mixing. But will get em sorted out.:wavey: Peace!
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Victoria Burning

Current mood: sombre

Nearly 2 weeke since the news that a 80km [50mile] wall of fire was ravaging the state of Victoria. Whole towns were reduced to ash and charred rubble. The deathcount is about 200 with more and more charred and blackened remains being uncovered every day. They are having to seperate animal from human.
 Whole families were lost, some together, others apart. One guy went to help fight a fire and meanwhile his own kids were burned to death.
 This is heavy sorrow.
 It seems so surreal, like a disaster movie out of hollywood.
 But it is real life and i would like to say that my heart goes out to all the families affected by this tragedy and if people deliberately lit these fires than i hope they are held accountable. But nothing will alter the outcome, it is unkind and brutal.
 On the bright side, Austalians have donated thier money and thier services and goods and the job of rebuilding has already begun.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Going Electric

I hav decided that the time has come for me to 'go electric'. Maybe a telecaster or a Ibanez or a decent gibson. The choices r many and my accoustic guitars can only do so much and apart from that, I WANT an electric, with easy string bends and mountainous effects :angry:via amp and zoom box.
 I can't wait, cum 2 think of it!:wavey:
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Happened to The Velvet Underground Group?

Current mood: rejected

Whoah man, what happenned? I could swear i was a member of the VU group here on UG but alas, it is gone! Have they no fans out there? Just prior to realizing this fact MG and i recorded a short version of one of thier most infamous songs "Heroin" and mhad just uploaded it, then was going to the VU group to see if any of the other members would perhaps like to take a listen to our new MP3 and realized it was no longer there. A search of groups from the community page yielded this fact, there is NO VU groups! Am i going crazy?
 I know there werent many members, almost 20 i think, but what the???
 Can anyone help me with my dilemma?
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Friday, February 06, 2009

Journey of the Ethereal Soul

Current mood: awake

Ive uploaded an out take [the 5th!] of a new original freetime mp3, entitled 'journey of the ethereal soul' that combines harmonics with pentatonic scales in an effort to eke out a freetime guitar track. This version has no FX and is only recorded on vista sound recorder but i would welcome fellow UGers' feedback and constructive critiques.
 Let me know if u think it has potential, cheers!:wavey::angry::haha:
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