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Sunday, January 09, 2011


Current mood: cheerful

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My Composition. Please leave comments. Click the link below to download the audio file. Thanks. 


Take me beyond the memories of yesterday
Hold me close, stay so close
Guide me to where the future eagerly awaits
Keep me here, keep me near

For I have dreamed to wake each morning
Lying next to you
Safe in your loving arms

Now I realize I don't have to dream
For you are with me
I have nothing to fear
Your amazing love has caught me in time
And deep within my heart i know it's love
I know it's love

They have tried to ask me where did i find
Your true love, your sweet love
Thought for many times for answers but what have i got
Surprisingly I could just feel

For I have loved you from the start
I never ever doubt
And we will live our life together
Sheltered from above

You reach for my hand
Our fingers entwined
I look in your eyes
Your promises i find

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