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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Current mood: happy

Have been removed from the site since last Friday, even though it was the best revenue stream to support the site. I hope everyone feels happy now :D
11:21 am - 22 comments - 12 Kudos
Friday, September 07, 2007

Rarity: Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck

Current mood: optimistic

Just wanted to shared some news�that�are not pure UG thing. Got the audio CD with 2 interviews this morning, one is Jimmy Page dated 1977 and another is Jeff Beck dated 1973 ;)

Anyway, we will digitize both interviews and upload on the site for listening and downloading as a part of Rock Chronicles series.

Stay tuned. This is gonna be awesome :dance:
1:52 pm - 10 comments - 15 Kudos
Saturday, August 18, 2007

UG is not myspace sorry

Current mood: bitchy

It started getting on my nerves (not that much really) yesterday but I was too busy trying to fix UGP bugs with my team to address this immediately. Anyway, it's been mentioned several times thatUGP looks "too much like myspace", and even a "cheap myspace copy". I feel like I have to explain a couple things, I know that would make me and people who coded UGP (till & medick) feel way better.

So the original idea of what later became Ultimate Guitar Profiles has appeared two months before UG v5.0 launch (august, 2005). And it was totally not because of myspace, I hardly knew anything about myspace. I was using purevolume and dmusic and some other sites that I can't remember now. Having said this, I still respect all these sites and teams behind them.

Back then we were busy with tablatures, news, reviews, forums etc (everything but social networking) which I believe we are doing fairly good by now. Needless tomention all the infamous troubles with NMPAthat have been taking a fair amount of my time. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So we are not just still around, we are alive and kicking, eh?

Anyway, forget two paragraphs above now and answer a simple question -- what does it mean to bea copy of myspace?Having blogs? Ok, there are better blog spaces -- livejournal and blogger. Mp3 uploads? You remember how big was before they got into legal troubles? Pictures? ok, why not a copy of flickr or photobucket then? Friends? Cmon, having friends was a vBulletin feature since version 1.0 I think. And it was before myspace even existed.Oh, you mean having all that sh*t in one place? Why not bebo orhi5 copy then? :)I won't even mention that in my humble opinion there is nothing on the Net more disorganized, poorly coded and layouted than myspace... not to mention the worst design ever :puke:Anyway, call it myspace copy orcall it cheap myspace copy that will only make it more challenging for us to become #1 guitar community and guitar website, andwho knows some day you will call myspace a cheap copy of UG :haha:

Obviously I will write a better story about how was UGP coded, but you see what we have here and it's not the final version, it's rather just the basis that we will be using for the further UG improvements. I believe the current UGP features will be less than a half of UGP of the next year. I'll post the list of features that we plan to implement soon.

Enjoy your weekend!
7:32 am - 101 comments - 120 Kudos
Friday, August 17, 2007

dammit you UG Profiles!

Current mood: need to get back to work

It's 12:35pm and ask me what I was doing this entire morning? Browsing thru UGP, listening to music and reading blogs :haha:

Ok, I admit, I have found a couple bugs which is good
10:33 am - 21 comments - 8 Kudos
Friday, August 17, 2007

UG Profiles... Just some funny shit

Current mood: f*ing sweet

Ok, so as you can see profiles are up for slightly less than 20 hours... Before I will post som statistics (which looks great) let me tell you a story.

So, originally we were planning to launch UGP on Wednesday, Aug 15th. We arrived early in the office (8am) to get prepared. When everything was ready (10am) and medick was about to hit magic "Start UGP" button, all of the sudden our DSL line went down, as it turned out there was some major problem in upstream provider. We thought "Ok, let's use that time to double check everything"...

By the time we wereready again it was lunch time, so we went to the store to get some food. When we returned, DSL was up, we were ready though I needed to go somewhere and was planning to return in an hour to hit the magic button again. When returned, medick said we have some major problems with forum (which is integrated with UGP). That was ~2pm.

At 2:10pm all UG servers went down. 10 minutes later we found that there is another major problem at our datacenter, where all the UG servers (10!) are hosted. The problem has been resolved in an hour though. When servers were brought back online, we found that now we have some weird:confused: problem with emails not going out from our servers. We tried to fix that fast, but it was a tough task to find the cause. So, the next three hours we spent finding the cause. It was found and fixed by 6pm. So we had to move the UGP launch to the next day.

Though as you know, next day everything went well :headbang:

Ok, now some statistics. In the very first 16 or so hours:

- 7,000 profiles have been modified
- over 1000 mp3 files have been uploaded, or 4.7Gb of music, or ~33hours of listening
- 500 band profiles have been added
- I've got 113 friend requests :haha:(update: 114 now haha)

It seems that all our effortswere paid off. Which is totally awesome. On behalf of UG Team, let me express our deepest appreciation of your appreciation of our work.

Stay tuned for more UGP featured in upcoming weeks!
9:36 am - 36 comments - 55 Kudos