Dean: Jammer III Strat

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With DiMarzios

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Dean: Jammer III Strat pictures (21)
zakkwyldefan79a wrote on Feb 3rd, 2013 1:42am

On 1-31-13 I bought this loaded pickguard with Dimarzio pickups and RS Guitarworks pots for $100. The Cruiser B (bridge), The Cruiser N (middle), Air Norton S (neck). The pickguard wouldn't fit. So I had to move the electronics over to the one I already had. I'm gonna try to mod this pickguard to fit. It was close, so I might be able to make it fit.

I was told the bridge pickup was a Tone Zone S. I didn't get to see a pic of the back of the pickups before hand, so I didn't realize it was a Cruiser bridge until after I bought it. It was still a good deal though.


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