Dean: Jammer III Strat

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zakkwyldefan79a wrote on Nov 29th, 2008 8:13pm

Custom Strat with a Seymour Duncan SH-6b Distortion Humbucker with a volume and a tone knob.


zakkwyldefan79a wrote on Dec 2nd, 2008 9:27pm

This guitar started it's life as a Dean Jammer III. It was red with a black pickguard. It had a humbucker and 2 single coils. The neck is original. One of very few Deans that I've seen with the Jackson-ish style headstock.


zakkwyldefan79a wrote on Mar 1st, 2009 4:41pm

I have now replaced the Seymour Duncan SH-6b Distortion with a Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB model humbucker.


zakkwyldefan79a wrote on Jun 13th, 2010 6:14pm

I sold the Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB humbucker that was in this guitar back in July 2009. I just forgot to update this.


zakkwyldefan79a wrote on Jan 27th, 2011 11:47pm

On 1-21-10 I installed an EMG 81 in this guitar.


zakkwyldefan79a wrote on Jan 28th, 2011 12:05am

On 1-27-11 I removed the EMG 81 so I could put it in my new LTD FX-260SM. I'm thinking about buying a new 2 humbucker pickguard so I can put both of the EMG-ESP pickups that I removed from the LTD FX-260SM. Right now it only has the bridge pickup and the push-pull coil split on the tone control from the LTD.


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