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Monday, December 29, 2008

grindcore vs deathcore

Current mood: aggravated

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this is supposed to be an open-ended question
i like both so
i doint see y people who like SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY OR NAPALM DEATH :headbang:have to hate on JOB FOR A COWBOY or Whitechapel.:headbang:
i mean really muzix is muzix.:no:
stick to ur side of the fence:mad:
lyk really tho if u like deathcore  STAY WITH DEATHCORE:grrr:
if u like Grindcore STAY WITH GRINDCORE:bash:
OR even try and be civil and:cheers:cuz im sick of walking around hearing folks like
dude JFAC sux and then the guy around the cornerwearing a JFAC t-shirt and listening to "the rising tide" CN's the dude and out breaks a f****ng pit!
so in short stay with your :angry:ing genre
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