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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

John Petrucci or Arpmandude

Current mood: rockin

so wat do yall think???
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Current mood: depraved or deprived?

i felt like saying something random
but i couldnt think of anything that wasn't entirley stupid
anybody ever notice that there's an "l" in could  but it's said like" cud"
and that there's an "I" in "said" but it's said like "sed"
wth does "guttural" mean
it sounds like a cool word but wat does it mean????
thts it 4 now
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Monday, December 29, 2008

grindcore vs deathcore

Current mood: aggravated

this is supposed to be an open-ended question
i like both so
i doint see y people who like SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY OR NAPALM DEATH :headbang:have to hate on JOB FOR A COWBOY or Whitechapel.:headbang:
i mean really muzix is muzix.:no:
stick to ur side of the fence:mad:
lyk really tho if u like deathcore  STAY WITH DEATHCORE:grrr:
if u like Grindcore STAY WITH GRINDCORE:bash:
OR even try and be civil and:cheers:cuz im sick of walking around hearing folks like
dude JFAC sux and then the guy around the cornerwearing a JFAC t-shirt and listening to "the rising tide" CN's the dude and out breaks a f****ng pit!
so in short stay with your :angry:ing genre
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