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Thursday, December 06, 2007


Current mood: bitchy

I wonder why people start stupid shit all the time?
Is it because they want attention?
Or is it because they like seeing everyone else miserable...
I think that everyone shoud stay out of other people's relationships
and out of there business...
If it doesn't involve you then stay the FUCK out of it!!!!
        [[people should just]]↓
          "Hit da Weed Bra"
5:25 pm - 6 comments - 7 Kudos
Monday, December 03, 2007

Levi Adam Hulsey

Current mood: loved

Is acutally a really great guy.
Everyone has this badass, asshole, funny...image of him.
Yes he's a badass and funny but he's also a big teddy bear.
I think i LOVE him.
We have known eachother for a while and have been talking forever.
I just don't understand why my parents don't like him.
A lot of people like him.
He's just that type of guy.
And if you have a problem w/ us being together then  all i can say is.....
3:52 pm - 2 comments - 1 Kudos
Monday, November 19, 2007

Confused..Need Advice...

I really like a guy...
but he's x is my good friend...
and she really loves him still...
but i rly rly like him alot...
and he likes me too...
and he keeps asking me....
when r we gonna go out?
so what should i do???
4:12 pm - 4 comments - 2 Kudos