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Friday, July 30, 2010

Summary of my life since my last blog.

Current mood: surprised

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I actually almost forgot this site until someone added me as my friend. Anyway I don't write my blogs here anymore because I have been writing them on www.buzznet.com That's right. BUZZNET!
Since my last blog nothing much happened actually. I've been to Russia! Pskov.. it's a place near Estonia. What an experience. I also been to St. Petersburg.
I don't play guitar anymore. I put it in my closet because I didn't had much space left in my room anymore. I also changed my room. I have a black carpet and a red wall. The rest is white.
I'm still addicted to chocolate, but I don't know if I ever mentioned it...
Next to that I made it to the 10th grade! And I made an account at facebook and myspace.
I cut my hair...
My cat is pregnant for the 10th time and her last two kittens are still living here. The saddest thing is that my preg-cat is lost. So I don't hope that she's giving birth under a car or something.
I'll probably forget this site after leaving it.
Ehh.. speachless.
xoxo L
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