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Friday, August 21, 2009

Near Death Experience!

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so i went shopping and it was about 40 degrees (first time ever in holland!)
and i went on my bike, so i was pretty exhausted when i arrived.
then i had to walk to this some sort of mall kind of thing. And everytime i took a breath, i had to take two because in some sort of way i didn't got oxigen enough.
So my lungs were overworking.
And then i walked further and i saw little black spot in my sight so i was like what the hell??
and when i walked outside i saw more. everytime i put my feet on the ground there was another black spot coming.
and that's where i really couldn't breathe anymore.
so i said to my mom (yes.. i was with my mom) imma need to sit down for a while cause im not feeling well.
so i sat for like an half an hour on the side walk in the middle of the city.
and after those 30 minutes drinking a lot and resting, the black spots disappeared.
and that's were i can breathe again.
it was just like... i almost past out in the middle of the street it was horrible!
so now i've learned my lesson.
drink as much as you can when the temperature is very high.
i really need to.
otherwise this will happen again.
that was my story.
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