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Thursday, August 20, 2009

new site, new account

Current mood: calm

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Since everyone's using twitter at the moment, i became curious. so i started to check out the site. and ehm.. well there wasn't really much about it, then i made an account so i could actually see whats going on.
i just red the fight between perez hilton and ashlee simpson. her words were pretty weak, she called him drunkie.
i don't even know what it means, i guess it has something to do with alcohol...
but then i searched for my favorite singer: Brendon 'Fucking' Urie!
and then i got messages that people were actually following me.. like..
they don't even know me.. i'm not famous.
it was really weird. but now since i still own an account, you can follow me
if you have nothing to do.
or if you're bored. or just if you wan to know what's going on:
just in case.
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