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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Current mood: drunk

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so there was a time when i got thirsty..
and i said to my cousin: hee, you know what? i'm thirsty. so we went off to the kitchen, and there was nothing special in the fridge. but a few steps away from the fridge, there was this kitchen cupboard and it was totally filled with alcoholic stuff..
so i came up with an idea!
i saw a bottle with amaretto, and i saw small glasses.. so we took a few shots pf amaretto, and after that is was still thirsty and there was this other drink called pisang.
why not?
and we also took a shot of it.
so i asked: do you have like.. olives?
she: why?
i: i saw martini...
she: martini baby!
and then we drunk 2 mini-martini's in a bottle of glass.
after that.. we were drunk.
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MetalxPyschokid wrote on Apr 30th, 2009 3:12pm

ahahaha! it wasn't me!.. do you remember when we said that we would go to sleep..but then we ended up laughing all night talking about nothing


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