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Friday, July 30, 2010

Summary of my life since my last blog.

Current mood: surprised

I actually almost forgot this site until someone added me as my friend. Anyway I don't write my blogs here anymore because I have been writing them on www.buzznet.com That's right. BUZZNET!

Since my last blog nothing much happened actually. I've been to Russia! Pskov.. it's a place near Estonia. What an experience. I also been to St. Petersburg.

I don't play guitar anymore. I put it in my closet because I didn't had much space left in my room anymore. I also changed my room. I have a black carpet and a red wall. The rest is white.

I'm still addicted to chocolate, but I don't know if I ever mentioned it...

Next to that I made it to the 10th grade! And I made an account at facebook and myspace.

I cut my hair...

My cat is pregnant for the 10th time and her last two kittens are still living here. The saddest thing is that my preg-cat is lost. So I don't hope that she's giving birth under a car or something.

I'll probably forget this site after leaving it.

Ehh.. speachless.

xoxo L
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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Milan 2009 (old story, good memory)

From the 10th of July 'till the 14th we went to Milan, Italy,with our whole class. It was the most amazing thing we've ever done. smile

Day 1: ,,Oh my God, can you imagine we're going to Milan?''
The first day we took off from an airport in Germany close to our hometown. It was a bit rainy that morning but hell, we were going to Milan. First with the bus, and everyone said goodbye to their parents. It was a nice flight and we've met this person who was showing us card tricks and he tried to speak a little bit dutch. He couldn't.:P
Yes I was exhausted:

After an3 hour flight we arrived and it was very warm. We had to wait on our suitcases and then we had to go to the bus for another ride of at least an hour to Bergamo, which is a place right next to Milan. It was also the place of our youth hostel calledPierro Rotta. When we arrived at the hostel, a guy gave us keys for our rooms. Everyone said it looked just like a prison. I can't really call it a great, fantastic perfect room, but I was good enough. We got to get to know the place we were staying and ate in this little parc. We discovered the pool where we were going to swim in. That night we ate in a restaurant near the hostel.

Day 2: ,,First day in Milan! So excited!"
This day we started with a visit to the Leonardo DaVinci museum. It was fun but I personally expected more than that. I couldn't find another picture:P

It was very very very warm that day.After that visit we had to do some grocery's because that afternoon we were going to have a big picknick at the park with an amazingly huge castle. That was really awesome.smileWe didn't do anything special that day, but we went to the swimming pool and you had to wear these bathing caps which looked really stupid. Everyone was like: ,,NO WAY! I'm not gonna wear THAT thing!'':O:S That was one of the reasons that some of our classmates didn't swim but just went tanning. That evening we went to the same restaurant. And after dinner we went back to the hostel and hang around. Talked with some french people, but that's all.

Day 3: ,, A museum? Again?"
It felt like everyday museum day!:O No.. just kidding:P But today everyone was dragged to the Design Museum. Which was awfully boring. It sucked and it wasn't really anything I was expecting, though. I mean it had all these sculpture's I had already seen. And then we went to this big fountain, it was amazing!
big grinEveryone jumped into that fountain and got wet,
but that was okay I mean we were like almost dying, haha!:P We had our lunch there because we couldn't sit anywere else. But it was fun thoughsmileSome of us went to the Scala, a big opera building.

But others went to the soccer-stadium. We went swimming for the second time because of the heat. Then we went home and changed our clothes, went to the hart of Milan and ate there. Pizza. How thoughtful.:P

Day 4: ,,Let's climb this thing!"
Today the french people left. Yes we had to visit the whole city! We went to this cathedral: Duomo.

And I thought it was GOR-GEOUS!:D But the hardest part has yet to come: we had to climb that thing! The stairs weren't really fun to climd because it was some sort of spiral staircase, and when you looked out of one of these very small windows to check how shrill you was.. You weren't event higher then a truck or something. So that was pretty awful. But after an half hour climbing, you arrived at the roof, you had an amazing sight. You could see the whole town. Yes that was awesome. We ate there and then we went shopping. First up: one of the most expensive malls. It was really expensive.. For us y'know?:P It was a mall where you had this idea that you couldn't touch anything 'cause you thought it'll break. Louis Vitton, YSL, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Christian Diorand many more. At the upper floor were a few restaurants. Even this sushibar which I loved!big grinThere was also this bull where you had to put your foot in and then twist. It was odd, if you made a whole circle you may make a wish, if you don't, you were screwed?

This was our last night, we ate somewhere else at this other restaurant next to a river. On the other side of the river were standing little booths where they sold bags, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and belts and everything. It was really fun.:P And it was time to pack our bags and leave the beautiful hostel. After a few hours of sleep.

Day 5: ,,Goodbye Milan, we'll miss you"
Last day in Milan!sad Last picture day and everything. First vehicle: the bus. Second up: Airplane Last of all: Bus. We had so much fun in the bus back home.

It was sad to leave Milan 'cause we had a great time there. I will do it all over again ifI could.:P But it couldn'tsadToo bad that we couldn't stay any longer but.. yeah. Well, that was the story of Milan. I didn't wanted to type a way too long story because that would be boring. Anyway, I miss it and I wanna go back with the whole class. It was awesome and I'll never forget: class of '09!big grin (L)

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Near Death Experience!

Current mood: shocked

so i went shopping and it was about 40 degrees (first time ever in holland!)
and i went on my bike, so i was pretty exhausted when i arrived.
then i had to walk to this some sort of mall kind of thing. And everytime i took a breath, i had to take two because in some sort of way i didn't got oxigen enough.
So my lungs were overworking.
And then i walked further and i saw little black spot in my sight so i was like what the hell??
and when i walked outside i saw more. everytime i put my feet on the ground there was another black spot coming.
and that's where i really couldn't breathe anymore.
so i said to my mom (yes.. i was with my mom) imma need to sit down for a while cause im not feeling well.
so i sat for like an half an hour on the side walk in the middle of the city.
and after those 30 minutes drinking a lot and resting, the black spots disappeared.
and that's were i can breathe again.

it was just like... i almost past out in the middle of the street it was horrible!

so now i've learned my lesson.

drink as much as you can when the temperature is very high.
i really need to.

otherwise this will happen again.

that was my story.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

new site, new account

Current mood: calm

Since everyone's using twitter at the moment, i became curious. so i started to check out the site. and ehm.. well there wasn't really much about it, then i made an account so i could actually see whats going on.

i just red the fight between perez hilton and ashlee simpson. her words were pretty weak, she called him drunkie.
i don't even know what it means, i guess it has something to do with alcohol...

but then i searched for my favorite singer: Brendon 'Fucking' Urie!
and then i got messages that people were actually following me.. like..
they don't even know me.. i'm not famous.

it was really weird. but now since i still own an account, you can follow me
if you have nothing to do.
or if you're bored. or just if you wan to know what's going on:


just in case.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Current mood: drunk

so there was a time when i got thirsty..
and i said to my cousin: hee, you know what? i'm thirsty. so we went off to the kitchen, and there was nothing special in the fridge. but a few steps away from the fridge, there was this kitchen cupboard and it was totally filled with alcoholic stuff..
so i came up with an idea!
i saw a bottle with amaretto, and i saw small glasses.. so we took a few shots pf amaretto, and after that is was still thirsty and there was this other drink called pisang.
why not?
and we also took a shot of it.
so i asked: do you have like.. olives?
she: why?
i: i saw martini...
she: martini baby!
and then we drunk 2 mini-martini's in a bottle of glass.

after that.. we were drunk.
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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Current mood: crushed

so, i'm gonna tell you guys a story that probably happened a week ago.
I was a little late for school and yes, we cycle to school.
Then i was at a crossing and the trafficlights were green so i was like ... and then suddenly BOEM! TEW! PATS! AU! some car hit me.. i fel in the middle of the street and people were looking at me like i was dying! i kind of fel on my rump and it stil hurts.
the man got out of the car and he asked if i were okay so i said: yeah, sure. but in my mind i was like: YOU SON OF A BITCH HOW COULD YOU! MISTER! MOTHERFUCKER!
and then i got back on my bike. a few block later there was this tractor and he was backing up so i came around the corner and then BOEM! TEW! PATS! AU! i fel again, but this time on my arm.

When i finally arrived at school, i was about 25 minutes too late... maybe less maybe more. My friend Sammie was walking straight too me: OMG! your so late get in to class. so i told her the story i got hit by a car and by a tractor. and she sended me to my supervisor. he was al worried and he offered me some tea:D he told me i should go to the GP but i didn't go cause that sucks.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mean Girls

Current mood: annoyed

(You can say this story is about what just happened)

My little cousin was playing outside with 'the girl next door.
...And I kinda hate, so it was nice 'nd quite untill i came into the kitchen..
The first thing I saw was my cousin, with my neighbour ehm.. well her name is Elena let me put it this way and the name of my little couisn is Paulien (god i hate her) so they were standing in the kitchen and paulien was standing with her hands under the sink, and there were stones everywhere so i asked; WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?
They both looked at me and Elena had to laugh me: What are you laughing? Paulien: ehm.. i've got this frog (and my eyes saw a bucket with a little frog)
And i was like no wayy you better put that dirty little thing out of my house RIGHT NOW!
So they ran out of my house with the frog and everything and i was so relieved,, and angry and glad about myself :P

But, before you know they were like trewing fruits at my window (!!)
so I yelled at them and they ran away,, again with this big stupid smile on their faces,,
after that i had a little bit of rest... just a little -.-
I went downstairs and i walked to the livingroom and i saw a frog on the table (how do they do that?)
so i picked it up *the bucket* and i took it outside and put it in a little aquarium with a little bit of water and he had fun,, i think and then this very big Elena yelled at me: WHERE IS THE FROG?! and i was like i put it outside it is DISGUSTING to have a frog in you house who's jumping around and stuff,, E: where is the frog Me: WHATEVER!

After that it kinda go on like that (still trowing fruits at my window and doing all the enoying stuff you can ever imagine)
*Ding Dong* I walk to the door: what? I need to grab some stuf.. Hurry up then!
I almost closed the door and then E was pushing the door open, again and again so i finally closed the door and my cousin had her stuff and went outside,,
*Ding Dong* I walk to the door and open it..:WHAT?! I want to get my jacket Hurry up then!
I imediatly closed the door *pfeww!*

A few minutes later they're trowing fruits at my window,, again..
and after that they came at the door asking where my mom might be..
One gour later my parents came home (finally) and i was relieved,, again..

The End =D

P.S. i think there will be a part 2 'cause this is'nt everything that happened i'm just tired to tell everything in details :P
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pancakes ;D

Current mood: hungry

Hi Motherfuckers, Bitches& Friends:P

I am gonna tell you guys how much i love pancakes,, and why I eat it most of the time,, when i'm like home alone:P
I love pancakes you know.. i dunno why,, but i do love them..
and i think it's because you can eat it with anything except for like.. if you make it in a sort of wanna b pizza.. because i dunno why everyone's putting cheese on it and bacon and such things like that..
So,, btw i'm like eating pancakes right now..
And I made it myself as most people do :P
But it's like not that you guys need it: but i want to like,, ''show'' you how to make dutch pancakes! (the lisa way ^^)

  • Anything you need to make a pancake: like eggs milk and flower or somethin'
  • coloured liquid stuff in a tiny bottle but i dunno if you can buy it everywhere,, my mom took it from a toko,, this little chinese store?
  • and then i guess you know ow to make pancakes BUT!,, before you like,, bake it.. you should put that colour in the..euh that thing where you make pancakes from and then you bake them!
You know,, if you like make it right,, your results might be a blue, pink, green, yellow, or orange pancake! maybe even black! but i think thats not so well... ;P

oke.. thats it.. i hope you guys just eat them colourfull..!! and my point is,, that our folks CANNOT! live in a non-colourfull world ;D


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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Current mood: high

I thoughtthat today i'm gonna show you how i think about.. yeah.. loneliness.

I think that if you feel like all alone I don't think your alone at all. I think that (as i have) almost everyone got those voices in their head and then you know.. talk to it.. in your mind.
that's pretty much how i do it.. or not 'cause i've got friends enough to talk to but when i think i am lonely I also don't need to talk to those little voices i guess i just talk to my cat.. because think she understands me much better as you guys think, or maybe much better as I think.. well

And because people feel lonely they are sad.. like very sad.
because they don't feel like supported or something else.. you know because you can't be supported if you feel lonely or if you are lonely.. and when i think about that i'm like sad too but not like that sad that I lock myself up in my bedroom or something.. if you do you always get attention from any body..

thats how I do it..
so if you feel lonely and such you schould go pretending like you're very sad and then.. well I already said that:P

mmkay..? i don't really get my blog either but..yeah
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Monday, August 25, 2008

A stab in your back, is as painful as not being lo

Current mood: angry

I'm thinking about how my life should be,
and I know that it would be much better as it is right now.
Because my life's a disaster,
and everyone hated me...
I know that it would be much more worse,
if I told you how much i hurt myself even more!

I'm gonna rip my hart out! out!
I'm gonna cut myself now! now!
There's too much drama and I don't know what to do, and I also can't forgive you..

Maybe, I think, it's not so bad as it looks like because I know..
That I have friends around me..
But hey! thats not good enough for me
'Cause you know this is not how i want to be!!

Chorus 2.
I'm gonna kill you, in my bathroom.
Because your the hate in my life!
(Guitar solo)
And don't think that you could change it
Because I don't know your true... TO ME!

I'm gonna make..an endof my life..!

The End.
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