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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy-ness monster

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This week has been a little busy for me.  Friday night i stayed with C. in H.B. C. had a tough time time deciding whether to go out or stay in.  We ended up looking at a restaurant directory and found Sonics out in Anacrime.  I have never been to Sonic and so we decided to go.  C. got a Cherry Limeade and they messed up my Java Chiller order and just gave me a coffee.  But all in all it was a good meal.  Navigating in autopilot mode, I took a wrong exit on the way home and ended up driving by her place of employment.  When we finally arrived at home we spent some time watching "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and soon passed out. 

Saturday morning i  woke up and gave her a kiss, hit the three wheel motion back home to finish some work.  Sunday afternoon was spent rehearsing the new song "Badup".  It's completely different than any of our other songs.  hit up Ruben at Without Wax Acoustic show in Pomona.  Everyone was great.  Sandbloom is crazygood with the guitar.  legit song-writing, singing, guitar-playing: legit performance! 

Last night we we hit up to perform at a venue called MOSAIC.  Coming up to the building we noticed that the gig was an art exhibit/open mic.  Very cool! So we walked around and looked at the art.  There were canvases on display, coffee served in the back and hip people chit-chatting as deshope played an interesting solo set.  I think we three are social retards to a degree because we didn't really go out and talk to anybody.  we just chilled, said hi to Sandbloom and sat down, taking turns standing up and moving around...

We got to start our set with "Badup" and i think it got the effect we were looking for.  That song just kicks ass.  We were a little uncomfortable playing because 5 minutes before we got up there we found out that the venue is also a Christian church!  Eledar & Kymistry were trippin and we had to censor ourselves a bit...  I was a little uncomforable playing because i didn't have a guitar strap, but i didn't really need it.  We messed up here and there but i think that the important part was getting our music out there. 

I really think that what Eledar, Kymistry and I are doing is something a little different than the usual sound... and i'm very excited about it.
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