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Monday, September 22, 2008

tubes man they were right

Since 1998 i have only been able to find bands that just followed rock trends and i would just basicly play the dude's amp i was playing with because they never got into my metal tone.  so other than a nice practice amp i never really needed one but recently i have branched out on my own and was in the market for an amp.  after a few guys asked to start up a band with me i decided to go out and start looking and in the first day i found a peavey valveking 212 at a music go round. i pluged in and kranked it abd was amazed i turned over the price tag so i could see it for the first time $365
wow i was pumped i paid the dude took it to my buddys house let the tubes warm up while he set up his drum kit. a few minutes later i was thrown back by the tone out of the 212.  so i just took it to the new bands first jam where the other guitarist had a randall solid state 2x12 with another 4 x12"  cab and i only had to play at 5-6 to keep up. the drummer has nice pro gear birch kit with huge sabian aa and aax cymbals so i was just in awww.  and all i can think of is when i got in my first band in high school i was paying like $1000 on this line 6 amp so we could get a nu metal tone, and this old man you always see in the music store, old blues guy says to me you need to get rid of all those speakers and get you some tubes and all i thought to my self what does this guy know about the new stuff but he was right so to all those guys out ther who try to tell us to stop wasting money on solid state let me be the first to say you were right we are wrong 
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