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relientklvr16 (2)
Friday, March 06, 2009

stuff..blah blah bored lol

Current mood: giggly

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today was pretty good...idk how i would make it at school without my friends especially sami...shes awesome. today my bff sam was being a total butt wipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ya sam i just called u a butt wipe! lol burn!!!! he said that he still wanted to b friends with this girl and he said he was gonna tlk to her and i wanted to tell her about it so she wasnt caught totally off guard so she was really excited for him to talk to her and then i reminded him to talk to her and he kept saying no and giving me a look and i wanted to high five his face!!!!!!! URGH!!!! now ari is probably crushed and shes probably crying....coz sam was being a butt wipe! im really nervous about the musical..but i only have 23 lines just nervous about getting up in front of like a million ppl lol. sam, if ur reading this.....TLK TO ARI ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angry::angry::angry::grrr::grrr::grrr::mad::mad::mad::no::no::no: U R SUCH A BUTT WIPE, BUTT CHUNK AND A TURD MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA HIGH FIVE UR FACE RITE NOW!!!!!!!! URGH!!!!!!! if sami was reading this, she would b sooo proud of me lol. we always call each other those names and we always high five each others faces randomly sooooooo bored rite thinking bout sumone and im getting butterflies and then i think about sumthing else that has to do with this person and my stomach drops and i get sad :( so ya...
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relientklvr16 wrote on Mar 7th, 2009 4:57pm

lol....... ya i was wondering if sam had talked 2 ari..... i was just thinking about it this morning...... wat is he really going to say anyways???? "Sorry that i stopped liking your sis and fell for one of your best friends. Can we just pretend like you still haven't gotten over it?" i mean come on..... really.... wat is he going to say???? cuz he didn't really do anything wrong..... u can't control who you like really......


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