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Monday, September 28, 2009

Urinal Design Petition

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I make a motion to demand that all urinals around the world be revised to achieve a more optimal design.

There is a serious flaw in too many urinals everywhere today.  The inside of a standard urinal consists of a smoothed porcelain which presumably is there to allow fluids to flow freely without splashing of any kind.  However, many urinal designs seem to overlook the importance of a stream's initial contact.  Too many urinals neglect to provide surfaces on which the stream can strike at an acute angle and thus minimize, or even completely eliminate, splashing.  Many of those that do manage to provide such surfaces either render it useless by having the angled surface end abruptly (such as in rectangular urinals, in which the sharp angle formed by the sides and the back plate of the urinal create a critical splashing point), or simply are not generous enough in terms of the surface area of the optimally angled surface.

It might have been thought that one could just happily urinate with the aim directed squarely at a surface of the urinal nearly perpendicular to the flow of the stream, with but only minor splatter, but the problem can be amplified to terrifying degrees according to the urgency of the stream-letting.  It is most definitely not fair to ask the suffering individual to turn down the flow to avoid splashing because it is a matter of life and death.

Therefore, I insist that all new urinals henceforth be crafted with a well-rounded bowl shape to cut down on splashing from as many angles as possible.  Sharp angles in the construction of the interior of the urinal should be banned.  Any existing public restrooms containing urinals plagued with the aforementioned problem should be closed down immediately for adequate replacements.
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