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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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It's all a grand joke, has been all along
I live vicariously through your trials
Every up and every down, every smile and sorry frown
Part of a sordid soap opera for a weary idol.

But of course you cannot know
Where oh where would the passion go?
Then what fun would it be, such an ultimate play to see,
Violated by the actor's awakening?

So with the power vested in me by myself
I hereby condemn you to play the part
Flesh out your dreams, form the rising action
and put on a good show when they crumble to naught.

If you should despair, please don't retire
Remember what I've said and heed the actor's call
Don't lose heart, keep feeding my fire, 'cause...
No matter what you do, it still means fuck-all.
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