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crazysam23_Atax (1)
Wednesday, August 29, 2012

American Politics, Sensationalism, and Crap

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Seinfeld was still on during dinner tonight, but my mom wanted to watch the Republican National Convention, so we did.  I'm not big on politics because I'm immature and find it hard to care about anything beyond my own little sphere.  But as I'm watching Ann talking about her love for Mitt and the mothers who supposedly hold the nation together or however she said it, I become increasingly slackjawed, literally and figuratively.  What is the point of this stuff?  Most people who are able to tie their shoes know that these substance-lacking speeches are cleverly engineered to entice the very people they haven't managed to entice yet, regardless of how much truth stretching and rhetoric injecting they have to do to make it a full speech and not just a two minute presentation.  And why is everyone in the crowd acting like Mitt Romney's oversupportive auntie?  At several points in the convention coverage on ABC, they snap to people in the audience who are nodding their heads in a pseudo-spiritual trance of agreement or just cheering like a bunch of idiots at a rock concert.  For a few moments, I was almost scared.  Are they high?  When exactly did politicians become rockstars to be idolized in such fashion?

If in 2016 some independent candidate came along and consistently presented his or her views in a leveled, dispassionate manner free of rhetorical bullshit and contrived stories about his or her salt-of-the-earth upbringing, and made any sense at all, I'd vote for that person in a heartbeat.
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crazysam23_Atax wrote on Feb 6th, 2013 5:55am

The problem is, no one would vote for that independent candidate (besides you and a smattering of others), because the majority of voters would feel like he or she was a cold, impersonal candidate. Really though...we need more candidates who fit your description; leveled, dispassionate...those are what should define political races, not this sensationalist bullshit.


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