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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Don't You Just Piss Off! (Rich Bitches)

Current mood: Fucking Pissed

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    You know what pisses me off? When you get all of these aspiring new, young guitarists who think that skills come from their wallets. I mean, what real relation is there between shredding hardcore and fat cash? Well,some might argure that the relationship is gear, but I don't care how much money you put into your new guitars and amps, if you sucked balls then, you'll still suck balls afterwards. They're the guys that make you wish you had that kind of money that you could drop it on a handmade Paul Reed Smith and a Marshall full stack on just a whim. I'm talking about the douchebags who really think that gear will save them in a guitar battle. And then what do we get? A clueless individual flaunting his "pretty V-shaped guitar" not knowing what he is doing onstage.

    Granted, as one becomes a better player, gear starts to become an important investment to think about, as it is necessary to encapsulate the sound that one is looking for, and any serious player should definitely look into it. Even still, I've met so many fierce players who have to prioritize their rent over new gear, and yet, they still kick so much ass and sound so professional because they have learned that versatility and the ability to work with shit equipment is fucking important.

    Now here's the real bitch of the situation; when they buy their prized guitars and amps, and start playing for a few months, get bored, and decide to let their beautiful piece of wood (the guitar) collect dust in the corner of the room. It's fucking wasteful! You know how people are always talking about people wasting food, and how starving kids in Africa would love to have it? Well this is the musical equivalent, and what a waste it is.

    This is really the same with any hobby. There's always the guy who can (or his parents can) afford to take lay down the farm to fund their hobbies before learning what it's all about. Fuck money, fuck capitalism, and fuck you! If you have chosen this forbidden path, then all I gotta say is why don't you just piss off!
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kr46 wrote on Oct 29th, 2008 1:25am

Yea gotta agree man, its like you have to be broke to sing about being broke, its taken me over 26years to get my dream gear and pisses me off in a store when a kid gets top axe and he can't even play a note on.


Preid wrote on Oct 29th, 2008 2:36am

Blame your parents


Ram_overdrive wrote on Oct 29th, 2008 5:57am

kudos to u man!


epifitree99 wrote on Mar 29th, 2009 7:00am

gear should progress w/ skill. it stops people from looking like jerk-offs


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