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Friday, May 21, 2010

Butterflies And Hurricanes. Piano. 30 Days. Can It

Current mood: optimistic

Hey Guys
I've set myself the silly task of learning the piano solo to butterflies and hurricanes. Rather impossible, but I think It's worth a shot. :D
This will commence in the month of July (May Be August, Depending On When I'm On Holiday), as I have As I have exams during May and June. I have all the sheet music for the solo, ready and printed off. :D I'll post updates every couple of days showing my progress, and no matter if its perfect or not, or the whole thing or not, I'll post a video of however much of it I can play at the end.
I have played piano before, but nothing major, as everything I have played is usually just songs I've learnt from youtube or whatever. A week ago, when I first got a keyboard I wouldnt have thought it possible, however I managed to learn the intro to Bliss by Muse (Contains Some Arpeggios where you have to cross hands) in about a day which restored my Hope. Ill be practicing with a few other peices until July (Maybe August) to hopefully improve my ability :D ;)
Well Peace out for now, I may post some updates regarding this before july.
Thanks for being bothered to read all of this, and I hope you follow this.

So far July seems the best option as in August I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks, however July is plagued with little off dates, for example I'll be at a festival for 5 days. Im still going to go through with it, and for the moment, wont substitute the days I cant practice :D I'll probably just practice a bit more in the days before hand ;)
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