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Friday, July 22, 2011


Current mood: annoyed

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So. Some people in this world are over-reactors. 

I gave a bad-ish rating for a tab that had the wrong capo.

So I said that when they changed it, I would change it to 5 stars.

But oh no. Apparently, this is completely unacceptable. So they go and give my Good Samaritan tab one star. C'mon man. All of my tabs are perfect. I spend time to make sure of outstanding accuracy for others, because accuracy and clearness are very important. The 'reason' is because, even though I stated the correct capo, I suggested a different capo for sopranos, because the vocalist is a contralto. 

Gosh. Thumbs up for classyness and maturity.

Yeah, That's a joke.

Maybe, you could all go cheer me up and OUTDO that one star. Oh my. That'd be nice.

I apologized and changed their tab's rating, just because what I thought would be a little suggestion, turned into my five-star tab streak to come to a halt from one upset user.. And this makes Kaija unhappy. So hopefully this all gets fixed. Do I have a life outside of music? Haha no.

Some people just annoy me. But hey, at least I saw Alan Arkin today.

That was pretty bitchen.

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