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fenderarmy (2)
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To anyone that posts "Smoke On The Water"

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Crosspost from a comment on a tab in the TPA page:

First off, you probably never even looked up this song before. You're probably a 9-year-old that just figured out how to play guitar without bashing your hands into it and making open strings ring out. I don't normally act smug and superior, but I think in regards to tabbing, that does NOT make you qualified to transcribe anything.

Second, I bet that not only have you never looked up the song on this site before tabbing it, I bet you've never even HEARD the song before, because this is obviously in the wrong key, and you only did the same four bars everyone else does. Do you even know how the rest of the song goes? Have you ever wondered about the circumstances of the lyrics? Have you ever listened to Ritchie Blackmore's classic solo (or it WAS classic before people like you ruined the song).

And yes, I do truly believe it's people like you that ruin this song. It used to be such a classic. It was the EPITOME of the badass, simple rock guitar riff. You used to be able to play this (correctly) and get laid. Now, it's the bane of every UG user out there. I can't even LISTEN to the song on my worn-out copy of Made In Japan anymore because it makes me think of all the shitty tabs of these four bars, transcribed in the wrong key, with the wrong type of chords, and by people who have likely never played anything else in their lives.

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fenderarmy wrote on Dec 2nd, 2010 9:55am

Well said. I strongly approve. I definitely did that when I was 11 for Highway to Hell. Now I make sure every note is perfect. Hence why you've figured it out, then you start to second guess yourself, and 3 hours and several nervous breakdowns later, you get it posted. Good times.


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