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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The death of the PTA

Current mood: annoyed

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The death of the Power Tab Archive was the worst thing to happen to Power Tab Editor, as now tabs created with it are no longer up to the PTA's stringent standards. I remember when PTE tabs were considered the best guitar tabs you could find on the internet short of scans of tab books. In order to have the tabs posted, you had to abide by some pretty huge standards. You had to have accurate chord names above the tab staves. You had to have accuracy and completion. You had to make the tab look clean and accurate with the program's score polisher and score checker functions. Here on U-G? None of that applies. As long as it bears some incredibly vague resemblance to the song, and there hasn't already been 15 versions posted, it's all good. Well, I kind of miss the high standards of the PTA, because there are so many songs out now that deserve a phenomenal PTE tab, and no one makes them anymore because you don't need to follow standards on U-G... Sigh.

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EpiExplorer wrote on Aug 22nd, 2010 12:06pm

I've not heard of the PTE thing, but its true that some Tabs UG put through are terrible. I made a spectacular Dimmu Borgir tab and it got rejected where as one of the same song thats utterly terrible (doesn't have any bass drums in it) has been there for a year.


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