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Monday, June 22, 2015


Current mood: lazy

Wow. A lot of my old blogs are whiny as fuck.

Yeah. Best to just ignore those. Or not. They exist, they're a thing, and it's a reflection of where I was in the past.

Anyways, I have nothing of real value to note here, just haven't updated my profile in a while. Gonna have to get new gear pics and personal pics up and stuff. Seeing as I've been included in a few AMAs and I'm posting a lot more in news articles, I'm sure a few more people are checking out my profile than there used to be, so it's best to have it reflect what I'm up to nowadays, right? ;)
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To anyone that posts "Smoke On The Water"

Current mood: aggravated

Crosspost from a comment on a tab in the TPA page:

First off, you probably never even looked up this song before. You're probably a 9-year-old that just figured out how to play guitar without bashing your hands into it and making open strings ring out. I don't normally act smug and superior, but I think in regards to tabbing, that does NOT make you qualified to transcribe anything.

Second, I bet that not only have you never looked up the song on this site before tabbing it, I bet you've never even HEARD the song before, because this is obviously in the wrong key, and you only did the same four bars everyone else does. Do you even know how the rest of the song goes? Have you ever wondered about the circumstances of the lyrics? Have you ever listened to Ritchie Blackmore's classic solo (or it WAS classic before people like you ruined the song).

And yes, I do truly believe it's people like you that ruin this song. It used to be such a classic. It was the EPITOME of the badass, simple rock guitar riff. You used to be able to play this (correctly) and get laid. Now, it's the bane of every UG user out there. I can't even LISTEN to the song on my worn-out copy of Made In Japan anymore because it makes me think of all the shitty tabs of these four bars, transcribed in the wrong key, with the wrong type of chords, and by people who have likely never played anything else in their lives.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Thousand Suns

Current mood: confused

I think it's interesting that there's no reviews up of Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns yet. I mean, I've seen reviews of albums without any guitars on here, so the whole cliche "there's no guitar waaaaaaaaaaah!!!!" thing won't fly. Maybe it's because hardly anyone can seem to form an objective opinion of it. The comment thread fighting it causes. That kind of thing.

I submitted a review a while ago, and it hasn't been posted yet. Considering contacting someone about it.
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Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm so tired of looking at comments on tabs in the approval queue and seeing such narrow-minded opinions like how a transcription of, say, a vital synth part to the song is unwelcome on UG. Or perhaps that an electronica song that got transcribed is unwelcome.

UG accepts hundreds of tabs a week. Some of them include keyboard parts in them. Some are classical arrangements for guitar. Some are jazz standards with the sax arranged for guitar. You can't tell me that these are any different. So either UG needs to implement some kind of strict "guitar transcriptions only" policy, which would really suck for anyone with an open mind, or people need to lay off the retarded comments.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

On an average day on UG...

Going through the approval queue, I definitely vote reject on at least four times more tabs than I vote to approve.

That fact saddens me. There's a damn good reason I don't submit tabs all the time. Mostly because they're all little snippets of songs. If I submitted all of them, there'd be like 40 new Devin Townsend tabs a day, and they'd all be two bars of a song I just learned! Hahaha.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The death of the PTA

Current mood: annoyed

The death of the Power Tab Archive was the worst thing to happen to Power Tab Editor, as now tabs created with it are no longer up to the PTA's stringent standards. I remember when PTE tabs were considered the best guitar tabs you could find on the internet short of scans of tab books. In order to have the tabs posted, you had to abide by some pretty huge standards. You had to have accurate chord names above the tab staves. You had to have accuracy and completion. You had to make the tab look clean and accurate with the program's score polisher and score checker functions. Here on U-G? None of that applies. As long as it bears some incredibly vague resemblance to the song, and there hasn't already been 15 versions posted, it's all good. Well, I kind of miss the high standards of the PTA, because there are so many songs out now that deserve a phenomenal PTE tab, and no one makes them anymore because you don't need to follow standards on U-G... Sigh.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Proposed chances for tablature submissions to Ulti

Current mood: annoyed

There exists a real problem on U-G with tab submissions clogging up the approval queue. On an almost daily basis, I'm voting to reject 10 times the tabs I'm voting to approve. So many people post song intros, tabs that already exist, spam, tabs/chords/bass tabs under the wrong category, and worst of all, copy and paste existing tabs from this site and post them with their own name.

One thing that could be done with the submission process is to implement some kind of drop-down that shows up when you put a song title in, or a redirect that does an automatic search. And if a tabber tries to submit a song, they'll either at least notice that there are other versions, or if they're too arrogant/flippant to stop, after hitting "submit" they should be redirected to a list of all the tabs and forced to read each one over before they can submit theirs. Make it far less appealing for tab stealers, or for people who simply post four notes of "Master Of Puppets" thinking they're all awesome and everything.

Another big thing that I think will REALLY improve tab quality on U-G is forcing any tabber to register before being allowed to submit a tab. It's possible right now to submit tabs unregistered, and these people can't be banned for things like stolen tabs or spam posts. At the very least, make it impossible for unregistered users to post tabs. We might stop seeing so many gibberish/purposely offensive/idiotic tab posts on a daily basis.

I also propose expanding the number of people who control what tabs are approved and denied based on who submits votes most. If any staff members come across this, consider this me asking if I could join the team.
2:57 am - 1 comments - 2 Kudos
Sunday, June 14, 2009


Current mood: blah

Been in a pretty shitty mood today. Which only got worsened by a very tactless friend of mine!

Spent all day listening to Meshuggah. God, they are an awesome band. Makes me wish I owned an eight-string guitar.

I really don't have much to blog about. DX
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Friday, June 12, 2009


Current mood: artistic

<3 my new profile stuff.

Check out all the songs. Most of them were (are) posted in the Borealia link already, but I feel the need to promote them more easily, so I am putting them directly in my own profile. I also deleted some of the really old stuff I had up here.

And that's all I really gotta say. Just thought that with a new profile, I should let everyone know what is going on.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On the topic of stealing, crime, capitalism, etc.

Current mood: sore

I feel compelled to blog about this issue, relating to a recent thread in the Pit about someone buying a stolen laptop, without really caring about who got screwed over.

Every day, in my hometown, I see groups of teenagers drink, smoke, vandalize, break into houses, break into cars, disrespect their elders, disrespect people younger than them, and even disrespect their peers. Bullying in school is one of the biggest social issues plaguing people under the age of 20 these days. I, myself, have been a target for bullying for most of my childhood, and even into part of my adult life.

So we have to ask ourselves... why? Why are some people just so compelled to walk over everyone else for their own little bit of satisfaction? I think a lot of it stems from the way this generation was raised. We live in a time where everyone's working. No one has time for their children. Parents raised in the last generation are apathetic, cynical, hateful creatures. There's a lot more bias and hatred in our media nowadays. Violence, sex, and drugs are glorified, and parents are too damn apathetic to do anything about it, including simply TALKING to their kids about it. Drug addicts and criminals are increasingly becoming parents these days as well. So it's plain to see, for me anyways, that it's not the children's faults that they act the way they do, but that this behaviour was instilled into them by bad parents.

It almost seems to me that these days, there seems to be a direct correlation between economic systems and crime. There seems to be more crime in countries that don't have any kind of social programs. Not saying that countries like Canada and Sweden are crime-free havens (I'm from Canada, and I'm obviously complaining), nor am I saying that communist nations like China or North Korea are crime-free. But I am saying that it seems like any nation that uses a more-or-less capitalist system where wealth is simply determined by greed and not by how much one is legitimately working for their goals tends to experience more corruption, more crime. In countries like that, where no social net exists for the poverty-stricken, the poorer people feel more compelled to resort to dishonest means by which to attain their goals, even if it means stealing, killing, raping, etc., while the richer people will also resort to extremes like bribing, reducing transparency, and lying, to ensure they do not lose their wealth and their power. Now, I'm not saying we should go straight for some sort of communist system, but some kind of system that gives equal priority to both lower and higher class citizens, by providing essential services for the poor and taxing the f*ck out of the rich so they can provide for the poor. This may help bring poverty levels down, and also combat crime!

Now, outside of that whole societal level, and on to the more personal level... crime is really just instilled in an individual when they want something really badly, but are unwilling to actually work towards getting it. A person wants a laptop really badly, but can't afford it because they don't have a job. Instead of going out, looking for a job, working for a couple of weeks until they can afford it (which would be far too hard for the average lazy teenager), they'll just wait until an opportunity arises to steal one, or buy one that was stolen at a very low price. The same applies to things like bullying. A person wants an increased social status, but is too lazy/hateful/dysfunctional to make or keep friends, so they make a show of beating people up and taunting them, making people think they're so incredibly tough. It all comes down to how lazy, unmotivated, and dysfunctional people are these days.

And a lot of that has to do with parenting. Guaranteed, most kids who steal and bully have parents that are not only fully aware of what their kids are doing, but in some cases may actually support it! Parents are growing far more apathetic, lazy, uncaring, and do things like let television raise them. As a result, kids these days are exposed a lot more to glorified sex, violence, greed, and think that this is the life for them. Parents don't discipline their kids when they do wrong, and usually only serve to enrage them more and make them turn even further towards crime. Parents don't talk to their children about sex and drugs anymore, which is why we see more teen pregnancies, sexual abuse, addiction, and abuse of alcohol/tobacco.

So while the last generation is going "oops" over how they're raising kids, and while our economic systems are encouraging youth to lie, cheat, steal, and otherwise to attain an end that they could just as easily earn on their own if they buckled down and worked for it, our generation is picking up the pieces. And my generation are already starting to have kids. How will these kids be raised? Will they be taught to disrespect intelligence? Will they be taught that drugs and sex are totally okay? Will they learn how to steal and cheat to attain their life goals? Will there be any discipline at all in the next generation?

The downfall of humanity is not going to be a result of war, famine, or disease, but of apathy, bias, lack of respect, and lack of discipline. All of those will probably lead to war, famine, and disease, anyways.

I know I didn't quote a single number in there, and this is really more an emotional opinion piece than some sort of thing with me stating the facts, so if you disagree with me, then so be it. I don't mind offering conflicting opinions. But please, have an open mind enough to read it and leave comments that are a little more intelligent than "ur a fag wanker lolololo". The whole point of this is the fact that there's very little respect in our generation, so it might not serve you very well to reinforce this opinion ^_~
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