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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


So I also get a lot of PMs about site issues. PMs from people who can't find links, PMs from people taking issue with a site change, etc. so let me say this loud enough for the people in the back to hear:


There, that should stop people from flooding my inbox with questions I cannot possibly answer.

...*remembers last blog post*
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Thursday, October 19, 2017


Current mood: groggy

I've been receiving a relatively large number of PMs in the past year from UG members asking me to review their work (or in a few cases, their buddy's work). 

I'm flattered that many of you consider me to be a trusted word, perhaps even an expert, on the subject. But I have to cut straight to the chase on this one:

I am not in charge of the reviews department. I pick albums for review from a list provided by those who are in charge.

Traditionally, I'd simply been ignoring these PMs, but I've gotten enough of them over the last year that I finally feel like addressing this.

So... why won't I review your album/your buddy's album? Aside from the reason mentioned above (I pick from a pre-approved list), there also has to be something "notable" about the release. Either a mainstream artist, or a well-known underground band. Believe me, I just released my own thing earlier this year and I'd love to see some official reviews, but it ain't gonna happen. 

So if you're PMing me asking if I can do a review, and I've never even heard of your music... chances are, it's not going to happen. Even if you did manage to PM the folks in charge of the review team (N_D would be the member you're looking for), I have my doubts that it'd be added to the roster on an official level. A few times, we've gotten requests from lesser-known artists, but even these had substantial enough fanbases.

Now, theoretically, I could simply review the work and post it and not get paid for the review, right? I've done it before! 

...except, I've done it before when I wasn't getting paid to do 2 or 3 reviews a week. And considering the amount of time it takes to write a review (a few hours worth of listening to the music, at least an hour's worth of writing), the fact that I don't get paid enough doing this for it to be my only job (I have a day job for a local cleaning company), the fact that I have a family and other projects going on in my life (like weekly rehearsals for a local wind ensemble), I simply don't have enough time to take on extra reviews. 

So, unfortunately, I can't do your reviews. I'm not in charge of the review department, we select our releases for review from a list of indisputably much more noteworthy guitar releases, and just simply don't have the time to add more to my already pretty intense work load.

I can only be too apologetic for this. I wish all the best for any artist that's asking me to consider reviewing their work and none of this is a personal slight against you. I've even had the pleasure of listening to a couple of tunes from a few of you, and even offered my own personal opinion. But purely from a "this is one of my jobs that I actually get paid to do" level, it's not in the cards for me to review everything that gets sent my way.

Thank you for your understanding :)

- Travis
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hitting the *reset* button on my blogs

Current mood: anxious

I figure now that I'm a UG writer and all that, I should probably get rid of a lot of my most cringe-worthy blogs. I'm probably not going to write all that much in this, so there is that. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy my reviews!
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