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LC30 Distortion - AC DC style - LOW volume   (00:37)
This is what i use my amp distortion for. Mid range stuff. imo it works well for AC DC. excuse the crappy playing.

Again using the Les Paul Copy with different pickups at different sections.

Gain: 4
Bass: 6
Middle: 7
Treble: 4 { Tags : LC30, Les, Paul }
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LC30 Cleans Test - LOW Volumes   (01:43)
LC30 Cleans. Quite nice imo, though the recording quality isn't all too great!

Same tone as in the HotHead Demo, just without the HotHead! { Tags : LC30, Les, Paul, Laney, Cleans, Fender }
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Digitech Multi Chorus Demo - LOW volumes   (01:17)
Multi chorus. I like my chorus deep!

Level: 1/2
Speed: 1/3
Depth: full
Voive: 1/2 { Tags : Digitech, Multi, Chorus, Les, Paul, Laney, LC30 }
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