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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Album/Gear Update

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Well folks, I've something I thought I'd mention to those who care.
We're the opening track of a compilation called Rock 4 Life Volume 3, courtesy of QuickStar productions. As such, the album is posted on a bunch of online retailers, meaning you can download the song Diesel from iTunes! Hurrah! If you liked the song (and a good bit of you seem to) and you want to support crazy ol' Fitzy or the band, I would be honoured for you to download it.
So where does that leave our album? Finished, of course. We just recorded the title track off of our album this last weekend, called Machine. I can't express my undying love for this song accurately enough - a dual fuzz bass line, three rhythm guitar tracks, and five simultaneous guitar solos. It's epic, but not in the internet meme sense. However, it IS 34 tracks, so it's gonna be a while in production.
And finally, my fretless is structurally complete - I was playing it last night and today and it's just incredible. Unfortunately, I still have to add electronics, but I'll bring it in when my Vampyre's done, which I'm going to call about tomorrow.
Once all this stuff's out of the way, I'll finish off these Gospels. I've probably lost all the momentum I had with these Gospels, but oh well. I'll get it back. Believe me.
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Eliass346 wrote on Mar 27th, 2009 12:37am

Im kind of exited to hear what the fretless sounds like! Also I cant wait for the gospels, I learned so much from the EQing and Jaco ones.


grifff wrote on Apr 6th, 2009 8:28pm

My band got an email from the QuickStar people, how was your experience with them. Was it worth it?


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