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Monday, January 05, 2009

I can't believe it either

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A normal blog from Fitzy?
Fuck off, guitards linking in from the hope page. A-thankyou-thankyou.
Anyway, today was my first day of school this semester, and everything's plodding along. Over the break we recorded our album, titled "Thank You. Now Die", and I'm going to be mixing it. As of today I'm pretty much half-way done, meaning I've mixed one of the songs we recorded over the break. Once that's done, we're going to get it professionally duplicated and hopefully set up for digital distribution. Like a proper real album to play and promote.
February's looking to be a busy month - it's a 4 weekend month, and reading week occupies 2 of them, and I might go to Ottawa with a friend's band for support for a third. However, I'm thinking I might piss off work hardcore if I take all those days off. I have a bad feeling about it. But I always overthink stuff like this. Always looking for stress.
I've a correspondance set up with 2 bookers, and hopefully one of them will land us a March show. One only gave a show listing for Jan/Feb and the other one none at all. I asked for March gigs from both. Both look promising, assuming they offer some.
Once I'm done mastering, or even during, we really need to start spreading my band's internet awareness. We need to start whore-adding friends hardcorps. It's pathetic, I know, but fucking effective. I guess I've been hesitant to do it because of sub-par recordings. So anyway, if you guys have bands that I've not added to myspace yet, know bands that we'd like/would like us, know bands that sound like us, or have friends that would like our music, please do us a favour and either give me links to their myspace accounts, or get them to add us.
That compilation CD we're the opening track of should be finished printing this month, meaning our single, Diesel, will be on iTunes pretty soon. Once it's there and we've got our myspace up to snuff, all this DDG on UG is going bye-bye. Cept maybe the live stuff. Yeah, we'll keep the live stuff. But if you like our stuff and want to hear it, either head on over to the myspace, or pick up a CD. But that'll probably be a while.

On the gear front, I never thought I'd own an electric upright before my custom fretless - but it's almost done. Literally minutes away from completion. Just the tone pot shafts aren't long enough. I'm gonna tell my buddy to drill more wood out of the top so the pots need only go through the control plate, not the top and the plate.
The upright meant I'm not replacing my cabs any time soon, but they doesn't annoy me that much since I stopped using my Sonic Maximizer. It was a godsend for small combos, but for stacks it just sucks the tits off of your tone. It's clear, it's deep... but something's missing. If anybody's interested in my Sonic Stomp for sale or trade, PM me.
So yes, that's that. I had a great break that reaffirmed my knowledge of exactly how great all my friends are. I hope 2009 is the year of the Grape and holds many significant events. I'm getting stir-crazy and I get grumpy when I'm stir-crazy.
I hope I'll get videos from our last show soon. The soundboard recordings are on the DDG UG page - one that I haven't updated other than with music in months, if not a year.

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CBurtonIsKing wrote on Jan 6th, 2009 6:16am

Sounds cool man! I liked a couple of the songs on your homepage, keep us posted on when it pops up on iTunes, id be happy to go grab it as soon as its availiable. =)


ozzyismetal wrote on Jan 6th, 2009 11:30am

I can't wait until Diesel goes on Itunes. Will it be available on Itunes Australia???


the humanity wrote on Jan 7th, 2009 3:57am

I want DDG CD NAO!!!!!!

my friends will think I'm a nut. but they will be sad when you go platinum and I'm driving the bandwagon :D


fleajr_1412 wrote on Jan 11th, 2009 8:43pm

Can't wait for that album to come out. I'll be sure to buy it, when I have enough money.


crazyfox wrote on Jan 12th, 2009 2:23pm



skippy_moogoose wrote on Jan 12th, 2009 3:33pm


I knew I bought an Ipod for a buy Deisel off Itunes :D


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