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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

why bands succeeds- how humanity sells out

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Turn on the radio. the first thing you hear? an overplayed band probably. all your non-musician friends whip out a copy of the latest album, and you look at it and you can't believe they like it. 
there are examples of this everywhere. famous violinist Joshua Bell earns 32.17 after 43 minutes in a New York subway, my friend makes the same in half an hour with a guitar he picked up 2 years ago outside a shopping mall.
why is some (I'll try to be less opinionated here) really similar music hitting the airways hard, when there is much more diverse music out there?
I think the root of the problem is in what people look for in music. not the media, not the artistic views of people today. I also think beautiful music can make all these people turn if used right.
The Elitist
The Dancer
The Connector
there are probably more, but these are the most common ones, IMO.
with no further ado...
that annoying guy. the one who complains about your taste in music? tells you rock sucks, hip hop sucks, mainstream sucks... he's right. he just isn't all right. there is no definite, and musical taste is mostly based on opinion. This guy is really useless to try to coerce into loving your music- he loves it or hates it, depending on his own specific taste. this is simply a man of his comfort zone. he is comfortable with one thing. he likes talking about it. most people have a little of this, I don't like hip hop or metal much as a whole. sorry. I'd rather listen to blues or rock. 
How you appeal to him/her: make music in any genre with a large number of fans. all genres can be equal platforms for good music. they just need someone to approach them the right way.
people like to dance. it's fun! how is this relevant? well, lots of people like doing it. they do it in clubs and high school dances and all that. what does that mean?
How to appeal to him/her: emphasize the beat. hardcore dance, headbanging, jumping up and down... all easier with a strong solid beat in the song.
'OMG! you play guitar? do 'Hey There Delilah! it's SOOO sweet!!' so annoying right? why do you think that's popular with preteen, lovesick girls? it's not the skill, as you know, anybody can play it. in fact, I think a lot of artists can learn from it. what appeals to the girls? is it the really awesome solo? the cool vocal pattern? the guitar part? no. the only people who listen to music the way musicians do are musicians. a mood is made, a feel to the music gives it a vibe. riffs are not important. the mood is. the lyrics are. a fast paced song about fighting the power have a different appeal than a song about having sex that has a funky slow beat. someone who likes to think about sex... the sex song. a punk rocker? fast paced song. write songs that the people you like will listen to.
How to appeal to him/her: write about topics music buyers are interested in. like love, art, rebellion, finding yourself, or stupid adults.

feel free to add your own in the comments below!!!!!
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KiraIBZ wrote on Oct 28th, 2009 6:03am

Wait... are you selling out or not... o.O


the humanitya wrote on Oct 28th, 2009 6:53am

selling out would be designing your music to market, as opposed to expressing yourself.

I think that doing the above 3 provisions is easy, and makes you accessible.


Natrone wrote on Jan 20th, 2010 5:39am

To be a complete expressionist, you sacrifice any chance at making your music a solid career. There has to be a little sell out in you to really be able to make it.

Hell, I consider myself a musician, and yet I still don't care a whole lot about riffs and skill. I love fun music, so if there's a cool riff in there, cool bonus. If not, meh, whatever. I'm still having fun. I think a lot of what is missed about music is that yes, it is an art, and yes, it is a form of expression. However, if you want to be able to do anything with it, if you want your music to appeal to an audience, then you have to remembre that music is also a form of entertainment and needs to be treated as such.


Natrone wrote on Jan 20th, 2010 5:39am

To continue with this thought, what do you usually go to a concert for? The music, the artistic qualities of it, or the entertainment? When someone talks about the best concerts they've ever been to, they are always the most entertaining ones. Honestly, I don't care how good you are, how fast you play. If you're a statue on stage, you're boring and shouldn't be there. On the same token, music doesn't have to be complex to be entertaining, which is why punk/punk-pop concerts are so much fun. No complex music, but music, while still an expression of self, that is very much fun.

Remember, rock n' roll started out with the intent of being fun, something people could dance to. Express yourself all you want, but rock will first and foremost always be about having fun.


corrda00 wrote on Jul 12th, 2011 4:55pm

Great article man.

As a friend of mine once said (who is also a bassist), "I dont even care what notes I play when I play live. I care about entertaining the audiece and sending a good vibe."


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