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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why raking leaves is dumb and you are even .......

Why raking leaves is dumb and you are even dumber for doing it
by: Brett Watts

Leaves fall to the ground every fall and land on people lawns, much like your own. Dumb people like you rake these leaves up with your Walmart rakes, and put them in paper bags at the curb to be picked up by large trucks. These gas guzzling large trucks will drive all around your neighborhoods picking up these leaves and then transporting them to a landfill where they will decompose. Because these leaves do not decompose on your lawns and in your flower beds, the nutrition these leaves hold is not returned to the soil from which it came. Thus fore you are breaking up the natural cycle of life and pollution the environment with your trucks and rakes. Now when spring comes and the snow metals (huh what? Why don’t you shovel snow off your lawns? O that’s right its good for your lawn like the leaves) and you see all your grass is dead you freak out and go buy lawn products from the same Walmart you bought the rake and pour it all on your lawn to help it grow. Worse then that you go buy compose for your gardens and lawns to help them grow. In case you are too dumb to figure it out by now I will point out the obvious, the compose your are buying is in fact made from your very leaves your raking up this fall. So basically you are raking your leaves, to give to these companies with your rake which you also bought from them, so that you can buy your composed leaves back from them for a lot more then your charged them, which was free. So now you are paying money to these companies for your leaves.
You people are dumb and are screwing the planet over. No one cares about what your lawn looks like in October, you are not special and no one goes around judging people on how their lawn looks. If your one of these people, go get a life cause your 1/6000000000 and when you die, you and your lawn will be forgotten.
Leave your leaves on your lawn this fall and help the environment out.
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