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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Aliens!? Have I totally lost it?

Current mood: crazy

Well it seems I havnt totally lost it yet. My brother took part in this sighting too, so unless we're both going insane....
The story:
I was up in New Hampshire last week for a family visit. My uncle has a fairly large telescope that we usually spend a few hours at night each visit stargazing. This week was a really crappy one for weather; a lot of rain and clouds covering the sky every night, except for Thursday.
There were still splotches of clouds, so we decided not to open up the observatory and go to all the trouble of prepping the telescope just to pack it all up if the clouds got worse. So my brother and I decided to just go lay on the grass and see what we could see.
We were out for maybe 20 minutes before we saw it. The stars looked awesome: very clear except for a few patches of clouds. This is where it gets hard to explain, but I'll try my best. Picture the sky as the face of a clock. 6 is south, 12 is north, etc. with the center of the clock straight above you.
I noticed a flashing light, a little bigger in size than most of the stars out that night, and a bit brighter too. It flashed twice at 6 o'clock. At first i though it was an airplane, and my brother concurred. So when i saw the flash again somewhere between 6 and the center of the clock, I wasn't concerned, because it seemed to be moving in a straight line.
Then, the next time i saw the object, it was located around 2 o'clock. Yes, i think this thing was zigzagging. And fast. The next spot the object appeared was somewhere between the center of the clock and 11. I was starting to freak out at this point. But this was the last time i saw my strange little blinking light. Once again, this thing was moving fast. This whole occurance played out in about 10 seconds.
So i really dont know what I saw. No type of aircraft that i know of has a flight pattern like that. But im not gonna say it couldnt be some type of airplane...I just dont think it was. I also considered the fact that it could be a "path" of flickering stars, or stars being blocked by clouds, but there were no clouds in the majority of sky in which i saw this UFO. 
Im usually dont jump to conclusions like "OMG i just saw an alien!" but I really cant think of a good explanation for this.
Just thought Id share this, it's pretty late and this was a good way to occupy my time :)
If anyone has any explanations, similar experiences, whatever, feel free to drop me a line
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