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Abunai X (2)
Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh, Snap!

Current mood: in pain

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Well, i spent 4 hours in the ER today...
a sharp peice of glass fell and laid my foot open. it was kinda cool cuz i saw the bloody glass before i saw my foot. but now there is a dried puddle o lood on the concrete. it was really cool cuz we had two beach towles wrapped around it and it leaked through both of them in the 15 minutes its took to get to the hospitol. At the patient checkin, the lady took off the towel and the blood leaked all over the Waiting rooms floor! the ladt looked like she might of thrown up, didnt like blood i suppose. but when the ER staff checked it i got this special feeling, the kind of feeling you only get when you see your blood squirt on some dudes scrubs. Even better, i got to watch spongebob squarpants while i was getting stiched up, id attach some photos but they're only on my cell phone :(
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Abunai X wrote on Aug 23rd, 2009 8:21am

Ah, good ole Spongebob. You can never outgrow him.

Did it hurt heaps or was it just like, numb?


Quantonyne wrote on Aug 24th, 2009 6:02am

awesome, horray for glass shard lacerations.


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