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Saturday, December 15, 2012

may be getting a new amp head(5150 BL)

Current mood: hopeful

so this is a pretty interesting story and lucky too, for awhile i've been trying to upgrade my amp, since i've been gigging more, i wanted to replace my marshall AVT 150H half stack, but lacked the funds and was torn between what amp i should be instead, i was thinking Engl, laney, JCM 800, but was unsure, i always suggest to my friends when they ask me what amp they should buy for metal(which is what i mostly play) i suggest the 6505/5150, although not a big fan of the clean sound, i ultimately decided for the price a 6505/5150 cannot be beat, especially since i love that heavy growl, so i sell my AVT150H for 400 bucks, and now im onto craigslist and ebay to find my 6505/5150, i first buy a peavey 5150 cab for $225, not a bad deal(although i may buy something with V30s in the future, depending how i feel), so now to buy the head, i look around but these heads sell faster than anything, as soon as they post em' BAM gone, i try to bid on ebay, no luck, always get beat out, so im ready to drive an hour into brooklyn to buy a 6505+ head off a guy for $700, when i go into a local guitar center just to browse really, i look around for awhile, play sa few guitars... and then...what do i find just sitting in the corner like nuthin...a freakin' Peavey 5150 EVH Block Letter Head!!!!, i couldn't believe's gotta be like 10 to 1 someone would come into Guitar center and sell their block letter head to them...i expect that to be more of an ebay item, it got a price tag of $649.00, i play it everything is fine with it, sounds like a fucking beast, even the clean sounded great, so i throw down my card and say, hold this for me now! in another week ill be able to pick it up, once they scan the serial # and the police hold lifts, unless it reported stolen...i hope to GOD it's not stolen...if it is im gonna be so fucking upset...I WANT THAT DAMN AMP HEAD!! (i'll update in a week and let all of you know if everything cleared and how i feel about the peavey 5150 cab) 
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