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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Todd's High Fives

A list of high-fives from the Todd (Scrubs) courtesy of wikipedia.
  • The Face Five - A euphemism for Todd simply having been slapped in the face.
  • The Self Five
  • The Euphemism Five
  • The Inflatable Five - Given to a sex doll that Todd was gifting to Dr. Kelso.
  • The Sterile Five - Given to Dr. Wen following a successful operation, without actually touching each other's gloves.
  • The Air Five - Similar to The Sterile Five.
  • The Helen Keller Five - Given to Turk, both of whom close their eyes thus causing their hands to completely miss.
  • The Internal Uh-Oh Five - Given due to Turk opposing the boob job of a young female patient and the plastic surgery head wanting to torment him (Turk)
  • The Mental Five
  • The "'Twas better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all" Five - Given to JD upon learning that Keith has proposed to Elliot.
  • The "Last Thing That Somebody Says" Five - Used when Todd doesn't listen to what Turk is saying.
  • The Betrayal Five - Used to strike Turk in the chest to hijack Dr. Wen's fetched briefcase at a time when all surgeons were simultaneously seeking Dr. Wen's approval for a promotion.
  • The Cyber Five - Given to Turk upon being asked about his visible logo t-shirt.
  • The Miracle Five - Used to bring a patient in cardiac arrest back to life. But this does not really happen it is only a daydream/fantasy
  • The Assisted Five - To include a third person physically using another's arm to high five The Todd.
  • The Entire Coffee Bucks Five - Given to every person in the Coffee Bucks.
  • Ice Fishing Five -
  • Fairy Five -
  • I'll miss you high Five -
  • Make it stop five
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