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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I wish I was Jesus so I could turn this water into

Current mood: aggravated

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They're like magnets; they're attractive, but how the fuck do they work? One day they can't get enough of you then the next day they'll avoid you like the plague. They play you like a violin with your sorrows as the melody. Yet, I still go crawling back to her. I don't know why. I fall too hard and it'll be my downfall, and I hope my friends will be there to catch me because I don't feel like dying. 

Fuck it. I'm glad I'm too much of a pussy to drink, even though I want to very badly right now. So I'm drowning myself with glass after glass of water. God damn I'm pathetic. I wish I was Jesus so I could turn this water into wine. Good line for a song, eh? I think so. A couple nice glasses of whiskey would sooth my nerves, but I'm only 16 and my dad is by the liquor cabinet. Oy.

Time to actually get to the point of this venting session. K, you're great. Spending time with you is a lot of fun, but fuck. Make up your mind. You're playing with me like a god damn rag doll; tossing me every which way just to see how I'll react. We spent a good 8 hours together today, but the last two hours were hell to say the least. I don't know if you know this but watching you text all three of your ex boyfriends while I sit there isn't my idea of fun. You ask me what's wrong, so I tell you. I'm tired and your constant texting is annoying me. You apologize and keep on doing so. And then you have the nerve to get mad when I say I'm gonna leave, even though it's getting close to my curfew? Whatever. 

We'll talk about this tomorrow, K. I know you're asking me about it now, but trust me. You don't want me to talk about it now because I won't have anything nice to say. Let me cool down so I can have a rational talk about this. 

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