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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nice things people have said about my music:3

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"Strat, your music makes me want to lick sour lolipops while frantically dancing naked in strobe lighting"

"I want Strat's dick. So badly."

"Your music is addicting especially when Im playing video games. I usually mute the music and play your band's songs xD"
-Nicki Minaj

"On no. I didnt like them. I loved them!! :D I am a HUGE dubstep fan! And I think your awesome :)"

"Yup ^___^
I enjoy it very much lol xD I saved the picture printed it and put it on my wall"
-Nicki Minaj

"Oh my god, your Angel Beats mixes are sex."

"Skrillex should know about this remix. He should put it on one of his EPs, I might actually buy the EP instead of ripping it from Mediafire."

"You're a sexy beast.
And your music's pretty good too."


"Your music is truly great and you're the one who inspired me to make Electronica music of my own."

"awesome :D /me starts dancing"

"*is glad to have bought new CD*
I honestly think it is better then the first CD you released. Good job...actually, excellent job and I know you can keep making great music."

"This is perfect for ignoring all of the idiots i have to sit on the bus with. I like the beat to it."

"I love this! It both energizes me, and brings back childhood memories at the same time! xD"

"feel like playing Dance Dance Revolution now lol.. nice"

"When I saw "Dubstep" and "Lilium" in the same title I was like "I have GOT to see this!" so glad I clicked :D"

"dubstep anime nerds unite HuZAh!"

"I'm sorta pissed I can only like it once..."

"i wana make sweet love to this song. n i mean i wana sex the song.not a person"

"Cant.. Stop.. Dancing((:my new fav remix? yeah!"

"Thats fucking amazing!  Great job :D"

"i like this better than the original. no freaking joke. ftw"

"Love it..this song is perfect for a videogame lol ! :DD nice job"

"Sounds like on of those classic 8-bit video games, Mario being chased by bowzer type. Ima sub."


"r u god?"

"yeah this is going on my ipod."

"Seriously just jizzed over this!!"

"my new ringtone.♥"

"You win the internet"

"i find it impossible to stay still listening to this"


"Total Eargasm!!!!"

"It's so fuckin' great !
This remix sounds like a japanesse manga party
I want dance it"

"you should put this on itunes"

"Ear Sex"

"I don't know why this isn't popular! I love this. The chorus sounds amazing, I love that synth.
And I know what I'm talking about (I remix too).
I'm definitely subscribing to you dude. This is real good work"

"You are amazing :D sorry to be a fan boy xD"

"your mcr remixes are amazing! XD"

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