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Friday, April 27, 2012

outline of gamescript/idea

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Hayzlynn The Reaper script outline
Hayzlynn's a grim reaper, one of many, fighting spirits and monsters in the underworld in the name of her master, but one day after slaying a' rebel demon', she finds a diary , her diary, and the memories of her life on earth started to return.  And the realization she's been manipulated into killing spirits who were in the right.  The demon she'd just killed had brought her lost diary, torn with pages missing, but the the sight of an object from her life on earth was enough to return her to sanity.  On the inside cover it had a picture of her lover, the earliest entry being from 1823.  She keeps her strength and magic being in teh underworld, but having a sane mind and recovering disturbing memories in hell, is putting stress on her now humane mental state. 

It was her masters fault she was in this hell, to protect him, him being bound to the ocean,
From teh notes the demon left in her diary, killing her god should free her spirit.  The only other way out would be non-existence.  Her master would usually teleport her, but since she's now his biggest threat, and no longer has any control over her, hazelynn must travel through hell to reach him.  As a reaper she is attacked by her usual enemies still, while having to take on her old allies, and eventually her best friend in this afterlife.  The evil god also has some terrible abominations she must face.  

Hazelynn finds poems and diary entries in her travels revealing her past, her life wasn't terrible as a whole, but there were tragic events, and she died at the age of 17.  She realizes her lover has long since past away, but she hopes by free her spirit from this realm, she'll transcend to teh one he's in.

Hayzlynn will at least have a scythe with a 3 combo melee and an attack she shoots out of her hand. Hopefully a special, and heavy slash.  Purple hair and blue eyes.  Anime styled when not in 8-bit form. 

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