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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lyrics or whatever

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"1001 Yard Stare"

As I lay on the deck of a sinking ship
living with the grave fear I'll always be sick
Enduring these waves of a panic attack
with no end in sight I know soon I'll be sank

Chorus x2
And I stare up at the man
 who's above tears
he looks down on me,
 and he doesn't care
He's got a thousand
and one yard stare
Doesn't give me a sign
 that I'm even there

verse 2
Somehow I'm gonna have to be the captain
In a rough sea hell I'm filling with panic
The sails start to melt and the ocean turns plastic
Can't calm or slow down oh god what's happened
Getting dizzy spinning like a fucking top
My mind spun a web and I think I got caught
My brain bleeds black images on every sail
Just How fucking long must I endure this hell


breakdown x?
Save me
I can't breath
heart's pounding
I'm drowning

verse 3
and yet with all of the meds swimming in my head
I'm sinking faster then a brick made of  lead
With no bottle in sight I'm not feeling alright
my nails feel like ripping out all my insides
My bodies numb from the unrelenting waves
I need to find a safer sea far away
Someone drag me anywhere out of the tides
Overwhelmed with the feeling I'm gonna die

I stare through the blue at the man above god
He stares back at me without a thought
He's just sitting there on the  dock
While I'm stuck here in a state of shock


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