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Friday, April 27, 2012

outline of gamescript/idea

Hayzlynn The Reaper script outline
Hayzlynn's a grim reaper, one of many, fighting spirits and monsters in the underworld in the name of her master, but one day after slaying a' rebel demon', she finds a diary , her diary, and the memories of her life on earth started to return.  And the realization she's been manipulated into killing spirits who were in the right.  The demon she'd just killed had brought her lost diary, torn with pages missing, but the the sight of an object from her life on earth was enough to return her to sanity.  On the inside cover it had a picture of her lover, the earliest entry being from 1823.  She keeps her strength and magic being in teh underworld, but having a sane mind and recovering disturbing memories in hell, is putting stress on her now humane mental state. 

It was her masters fault she was in this hell, to protect him, him being bound to the ocean,
From teh notes the demon left in her diary, killing her god should free her spirit.  The only other way out would be non-existence.  Her master would usually teleport her, but since she's now his biggest threat, and no longer has any control over her, hazelynn must travel through hell to reach him.  As a reaper she is attacked by her usual enemies still, while having to take on her old allies, and eventually her best friend in this afterlife.  The evil god also has some terrible abominations she must face.  

Hazelynn finds poems and diary entries in her travels revealing her past, her life wasn't terrible as a whole, but there were tragic events, and she died at the age of 17.  She realizes her lover has long since past away, but she hopes by free her spirit from this realm, she'll transcend to teh one he's in.

Hayzlynn will at least have a scythe with a 3 combo melee and an attack she shoots out of her hand. Hopefully a special, and heavy slash.  Purple hair and blue eyes.  Anime styled when not in 8-bit form. 

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lyrics or whatever

"1001 Yard Stare"

As I lay on the deck of a sinking ship
living with the grave fear I'll always be sick
Enduring these waves of a panic attack
with no end in sight I know soon I'll be sank

Chorus x2
And I stare up at the man
 who's above tears
he looks down on me,
 and he doesn't care
He's got a thousand
and one yard stare
Doesn't give me a sign
 that I'm even there

verse 2
Somehow I'm gonna have to be the captain
In a rough sea hell I'm filling with panic
The sails start to melt and the ocean turns plastic
Can't calm or slow down oh god what's happened
Getting dizzy spinning like a fucking top
My mind spun a web and I think I got caught
My brain bleeds black images on every sail
Just How fucking long must I endure this hell


breakdown x?
Save me
I can't breath
heart's pounding
I'm drowning

verse 3
and yet with all of the meds swimming in my head
I'm sinking faster then a brick made of  lead
With no bottle in sight I'm not feeling alright
my nails feel like ripping out all my insides
My bodies numb from the unrelenting waves
I need to find a safer sea far away
Someone drag me anywhere out of the tides
Overwhelmed with the feeling I'm gonna die

I stare through the blue at the man above god
He stares back at me without a thought
He's just sitting there on the  dock
While I'm stuck here in a state of shock


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nice things people have said about my music:3


"Strat, your music makes me want to lick sour lolipops while frantically dancing naked in strobe lighting"

"I want Strat's dick. So badly."

"Your music is addicting especially when Im playing video games. I usually mute the music and play your band's songs xD"
-Nicki Minaj

"On no. I didnt like them. I loved them!! :D I am a HUGE dubstep fan! And I think your awesome :)"

"Yup ^___^
I enjoy it very much lol xD I saved the picture printed it and put it on my wall"
-Nicki Minaj

"Oh my god, your Angel Beats mixes are sex."

"Skrillex should know about this remix. He should put it on one of his EPs, I might actually buy the EP instead of ripping it from Mediafire."

"You're a sexy beast.
And your music's pretty good too."


"Your music is truly great and you're the one who inspired me to make Electronica music of my own."

"awesome :D /me starts dancing"

"*is glad to have bought new CD*
I honestly think it is better then the first CD you released. Good job...actually, excellent job and I know you can keep making great music."

"This is perfect for ignoring all of the idiots i have to sit on the bus with. I like the beat to it."

"I love this! It both energizes me, and brings back childhood memories at the same time! xD"

"feel like playing Dance Dance Revolution now lol.. nice"

"When I saw "Dubstep" and "Lilium" in the same title I was like "I have GOT to see this!" so glad I clicked :D"

"dubstep anime nerds unite HuZAh!"

"I'm sorta pissed I can only like it once..."

"i wana make sweet love to this song. n i mean i wana sex the song.not a person"

"Cant.. Stop.. Dancing((:my new fav remix? yeah!"

"Thats fucking amazing!  Great job :D"

"i like this better than the original. no freaking joke. ftw"

"Love it..this song is perfect for a videogame lol ! :DD nice job"

"Sounds like on of those classic 8-bit video games, Mario being chased by bowzer type. Ima sub."


"r u god?"

"yeah this is going on my ipod."

"Seriously just jizzed over this!!"

"my new ringtone.♥"

"You win the internet"

"i find it impossible to stay still listening to this"


"Total Eargasm!!!!"

"It's so fuckin' great !
This remix sounds like a japanesse manga party
I want dance it"

"you should put this on itunes"

"Ear Sex"

"I don't know why this isn't popular! I love this. The chorus sounds amazing, I love that synth.
And I know what I'm talking about (I remix too).
I'm definitely subscribing to you dude. This is real good work"

"You are amazing :D sorry to be a fan boy xD"

"your mcr remixes are amazing! XD"

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Need a studio acapella (vocal track with no music)

pm me your email if you're interested, here's my collection (always adding to it)

Lady Gaga:Love Game, Just Dance, paparazzi, Bad Romance, Monster, Poker Face

Gorillaz: feel good inc, clint eastwood, dirty harry, tomorrow comes today, 19-2000

Mindless Self Indulgence: Bring the Pain, Straight to video

Paramore: crushcrushcrush

Hikari Utada: simple and clean (japanese vocals)

The Veronicas: untouched

Don't stop the Music, rhianna? i think.

Katy Perry: hot 'n cold, I kissed a girl

Kesha: tik tok (not studio quality though, decent)

M.I.A: paper planes

Pink: so what

Justice: D.A.N.C.E.

Slipknot: I am hated

Avenged Sevenfold: Almost easy, Critical Acclaim

Bass Hunter: Now you're gone

Daft Punk: harder better faster stronger

DJ sammy: Heaven

Cascada: what do you want from me

DJ satomi: waves

FloorFilla: komputermelody

DJ carpi: Power of Pleasure

Post requests in this blog, or pm me if I'm taking to long to reply.  Try not to ask for like, metal songs and stuff unless they're extremely popular, so mostly popular music, and stuff you've actually heard remixed before should be the easiest stuff to find.  And there's always only a slim chance I'll find the song you want.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My first album for digital sale online.

Current mood: accomplished

The track list is:

=SunRave= album version
=SugarOverDose= album
 =TerrorCore= album version
 =SnowDayRave= album version
 =ArabianRave= album version
 =DanceLOopInterlude= album version
 =Hypnotix= album version
 =BioShock= album verion
=MoonlightRave= album version
=AutumnRave= album version

4.50 american all together.

link: =1080507&content=music

Click the dollar sign to buy.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I OD'd, think i might've tried to kill myself idk

Current mood: Dead/Shitty

Last night I took a handful of downers while bawling my eyes out, and between then adn the time i passed out I didn't think i was gonna wake up. I did wake, but i feel sick as shit but w/e.  I was just crying, couldn't stop till I passed out, thinking this was it, i'm going to die, my life will never go no where, no matter how talented I am, who I am, how i look, how i cut my hair society will hate me.  This is the 3rd time I've ever cried in since I was 13, and the 2nd time I had to take drugs to let it out.

I'm not gonna do it again by i'm not gonna bother anyone with how shitty I feel about my life either, adn after i poast this i'm probably not gonna log in again today, i wanna go out, buy pokemon soul, bioshock, or a silent hill, and forget i exist and become one with the game for the next 3 days.
I'm jsut really really unhappy with my life right now, and recent events have made it worse.  I might being going to jail over some bullshit, the state still won't give me my license back, I've been at home doing the same routine for 8 months, I can't stand it anymore.

My dad found me passed out, he kept yelling something at me, asked me how many pillz i took adn if there were anymore I told him I don't have anymore, which was true, asked me if i wanted to die, and said if i feel asleep i could die, I told him to fuck off and let me fall sleep, it took him a couple minutes just to get it so he could get me to sit up.  And this morning i've just been stumbling around,i feel really weak.

Something has to change, but eveytime I get close to a job, or a girl that'll make me straighten my shit out, something happens
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Friday, November 28, 2008

New Term

Russian Solitare
Like russian roulette but with one person.

It'd make a cool band name if everyone'd understand the termXD
/random blog.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Links to my Myspace, Bands, and Art

Current mood: creative

Here's links to my personal myspace, band myspaces, and my deviant art.
Just in case anyone cares:]
Personal myspace:
Metal Band's Myspace:
My Techno Project:
My Deviant Art:
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