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Monday, May 23, 2011


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I don't always write about myself, but when I do it's for a good reason. I have hit a milestone in my career as a guitarist: I am happy with my rig. Dozens of pedals later, I have assembled a board that does what I need it to do and is well-suited for multiple applications. For 99% of music I have a good overdrive channel on my amp as well as a decent overdrive pedal which will be even better when I mod it. I have three unique and distinct fuzzes to satisfy my ever-present need for trashed guitar tones. My three delays cover all the ambiance I could need.

A big part of this epiphany was the discovery of a computer-based guitar rig for Ember Wreath. Because the material was never particularly suited to live performance in a typical setting, I concluded that building a large ambient rig was both expensive and impractical at this stage in my life. My creativity has blossomed with access to an infinite number of sounds on the computer.

With the need for a huge variety of effects out of the way, I was able to focus on a board that was well-suited to other genres I play. After selling the M13 to return to single pedals, I was somewhat lost. I bought parts for a DIY Devi Ever multi-fuzz that failed miserably under the weight of its own complexity, which lost me money that would have been well-spent rebuilding my board. I also bought a Flanger Hoax, which is an awesome pedal that I ended up really not using much. My rig consisted of pedals that sounded good and were useful, but I was missing essentials. I decided to consider the genres I play, which mostly only need distortion and delay. I had the PDS 20/20 which has an awesome delay, but lacks tap tempo. I also only had fuzzes, with no proper overdrive or distortion. Thus, I had to spend a great deal of time re-vamping my board but I am now very satisfied.

The other issue was my amp. Due to a wiring mistake on my part, the Peavey seemed to be broken, which worried me greatly because I couldn't figure out the problem. I bought a Super Champ XD which is a phenomenal small amp, but the Peavey provided the power for jamming and gigs. Luckily, it is now working.

So the system I have works great. I have many musical projects on the horizon, but all of them will be handled effectively by the gear at my disposal. My small board will be able to cover post-hardcore, stoner rock, sludge metal, post-rock, and even ambient music. I look forward to creating tons of new music.

Finally, I have always been happy with my guitars, but now that I am entirely comfortable with my the rest of my rig, I can focus on saving for my first expensive guitar. Jazzmaster, here I come!
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Mors_o))) wrote on Jun 24th, 2011 4:02am

Nice read John. Thought provoking. Hope you get that Jazzy soon and keep delivering more Droney goodness.


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