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Sunday, May 18, 2008


hey UG a few of you know i plan on building a guitar over the coming months :) mainly from seeing fellow UGer ormsby woring his magic and me foolishly thinking 'how hard can it be?'

got a fair bit time off coming up, plenty of experience with drilling, soldering, sanding and sawing etc.

plan is a rickenbacker 330 copy, but solid body, possibly in mahogany. i'm getting a yamaha pacifica neck from the dandy free thread in gear ads so i dont have to worry about arguably the hardest bit. alls i need to do is get a body blank put some holes and electronics in, paint it and slap the neck on....easy :)

going to be a HB/P-90 set most likely with some bizarre obscure wiring :rolleyes: white front, black back and sides, with black hardware :liplick: string through too.

theres only one tool i have no experience with, the all important router, for cavities and such. but i have one of those now and im practising on scrap wood. and i plan to do a mockup like, join the neck on fit the bridge and pups to make sure i can get everything to line up. that'll prolly be happening in a week or two when i'm done with exams.

i have a full size body diagram done, and it looks good, but i'm tweaking it a fair bit.

so theres the plans. stay tuned!!!
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Tuesday, February 05, 2008 and that

Current mood: discontent

go on then, i'll have another go at this blog crack.

<insert generic teenage angst here>

no really, im a bit.....*sigh* atm. im doing maths chemistry biology and physics at 6th form (which is taking the piss atm) woo fucking hoo. i cant help but feel that im not going to stand a chance at a remotely interesting life at this rate. successful, sure, but i'd rather not sit around, in a white coat, being a boring fuck all my life. it seems like all i do is work, and teachers are still asshats, and...and.........and other stuff too....

do you ever think, "hmmm, maybe humans arent supposed to be like this, all modern and clothed and civilised. werent we all happier when we strode around in the buff stabbing things, and fucking whatever we wanted? without a care in the world?"

i do.

and it makes me feel right stupid, like we're all waaaaay out of our depth, and war and stuff, that too.

why the fuck did america have to invade a country on the other side of the world?!?! and why did we prance along behind them, we're on an island ffs!

but i digress.

where was i? oh yea, school is wank. all i do is work and then do a test. what am in going to do at the end of it all? go to uni? then what?

get a job in a suit, staring out the window, peering at all the people having a life.....

rant over

at least im getting quite fast at typing now =]
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm 2!!!!

Current mood: relaxed


today, thursday, december 19th (it is in england, but not on
UG it seems), i have oficially wasted two entire years of my life on this site. mailny in the pit, but recently, GG&A as the pit has spiralled into 4chan with metalheads :rolleyes: i've made some chums and pissed some people off, but you win some, you lose some.

anyway, i broke up from school (6th form) today, nice and early so i cranked the VC nice and hard and now im in bed......beginning my 3rd wasted year here since 2005....happy days

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