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Drummerrrrr? wrote on May 15th, 2011 12:12pm

Critiquing as I go;
Mix could be thicker immediately, double track your rhythm guitars, maybe a tad more gain on the lead guitar.
Fills on the drums are great, sampler could do with an upgrade but you worked well with what ya got!

Loving the rhythm guitar, got some nice chords going there. The modulation on the lead guitar around 45 seconds is nice, a great change. Slight timing issues on your lead at 1:25 but I understand it's a difficult tempo. Chords on the rhyhm guitar, again, are nice!

Overall the progression was great, there was repetition but just enough and it ended in a great spot, love the uplifting feel at the end. The track length is perfect too, doesn't stick out as short but isn't dragged on. Great work dude, I appreciate the comment my track!


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