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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Recording Bug

Current mood: Optimistic

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Is dead to be honest lol, I was on a roll and things were going great. However I couldn't take my Les Paul (main guitar) up to my hometown (where I am now) on the train and thus am stuck with my Ibanez.
This wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't currently strung with 11s, making E standard impossible. Hence no new songs/versions of old songs of late.
But fear not! My brother will be reviving said bug soon, when he brings my Les Paul back.
So until then I am currently halfway through the final version of the Final Battle (rename in progress as well lol) and it sounds good so far, drums pending. Cheesecake is looking at one more final version and being proffesionally mixed with added drums by a friend of mine who works in a studio, he's a legend, and the Whale Song may get 1 more redo, as I fucked up one of the harmonics and it pisses me off everytime I hear it :(.
As to new projects I have 2 other songs in the works, one is old and just needs recording and the other one is gonna be the heaviest yet with whammy bar shanninigans.
Cheers to all my listeners, and all the people who took the time to crit/rate, means a lot :D.
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