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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Getting it Together

Current mood: accomplished

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So, now I have more Gear.  I have not had a chance to upload any pictures for them.  Mostly because I have very recently acquired most of the stuff and still have some more coming.  I'm excited about my Peavy KB/A 100 amp and Road Runner pedalboard for my pedals.  Not to mention I just paid for two more Line6 Tone Core pedals.  One is mono and the other stereo.  And all together 6 modules for the pedals.  I'll be off to add the new stuff on my profile later.  

Talia, got herself a BASS!! Can you believe that?  She want to accompany me playing the guitar.  She got the hang of it in one day too.  She is awesome.  We will be making song and music together.  So much fun....

The collaboration with Brandon is great.  I should add some of that soon.  He plays the trombone and is a great lyricist.  Gone Too Long should be done by the end of the month.  He has other songs he want to record too, I think I will be fun.

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