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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ma summertime guitar project

Current mood: crazy

Hey UG
since its the summer time, i figured i might as well build a guitar, and since my uncle is a carpenter, doing an original body would be ez, i have sort of a Jackson Kelly shape in mind, with a bit of changes here and there

24 fret thin u maple neck
ebony fingerboard (no inlays, i think it looks meaner)
gotoh tuners
ESP shape headstock also with slight changes
Floyd Rose double locking bridge
locking nut (dunno were to get that tho)
scalloped frets 20-->24
25.5 scale length
The finish is gonna be like the ESP alexi blacky metallic black satin, with jackson style pinstripes either red or blue
black nickel hardware
and some good access to the high frets

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