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Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're jammin

Current mood: bouncy

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Well last night I had my first jamming session in two years infront of a live crowd.
#EPIC (Yes I did you a #, dunno if in the right context :p)
Was proper nervous going up there and almost left the pub due to lateness of getting on up there as other bands were showing of there skills aswell.
Cracking night and all the band pulled through, even though the drum kit that was there was pretty naff.
Prety cool to have a keyboardist jump up there and try and join in, that's what I love about jam nights, it's a free for all and you meet some amazing people. Can't wait till the next one. :D
Football news: lolTevez :wavey: and what the hell happened to Man United's defense in the second half of that game is beyond me :mad: Can live with a draw but that should have been in the bag.
Baby news: Teeth coming along nicely, been a little ill the past week and not being sleeping to good but we live on through all of this and looking forward to her first birthday (even though it is 3 months away :))
inFamous news: Getting there, bout 75% complete on trophys, need to complete it on hard (half way through) and get all the Hero powers upgraded and that should be me done, (then for fun I may just have to get all the shards and hard aswell so I can feel complete in myself) then to inFamous 2.
Till next time people
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