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Thursday, July 12, 2012


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Sorry couldn't think of a subject header :haha:
How is everyone?
Good good, now is everyone sitting comfortably??
Excellent, we may begin
Will start off with the band first, Retro Refit, we are a cover band ranging from '60s - '00s rock, soul, pop etc etc.
We have had about 6 gigs since my last update and 2 more to come (tonight and then Saturday) it has been amazing. Christ we have had our mess up's with sound and bumnotes hit on a few songs but Jesus have we had a laugh doing it. Gonna take a small break over the summer but should be back gigging late September, early October.
Best thing about gigging is the crowds, if they get involved it makes it a great night :D
Moving onto the family, yep my little girl is growing up too quick :( 18 months now and a little devil :haha: but I wouldn't change her for the world, the best part of the day is heading home from work knowing I am going to get a hug and kiss (and if I am lucky) a slap too :D.

Step kids and wife are doing great, still moaning but still loving :)
Game news: I finally got all the Batman: AC DLC and got my 100% on it :success: and just recently finished off Lollipop Chainsaw, which was a fun game to play and plat (nothing to do with the fact that the lead character, Juliet was fit as fuck!)
Just started inFamous 2 last night and looking forward to a tomorrow night playing on that for a few hours :)
Anyway rambling on now, hope y'all enjoyed (probably not)
Leave a comment if you so wish (probably won't)

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