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Monday, March 12, 2012

First gig (well sort of...)

Current mood: happy

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Howdy everyone...
Well it's Monday again and feeling good after a cracking weekend.
Saturday night was a great night which saw me and the band (known for some reason that night as 'Gravy'....) play our first gig (technically our third, but first in this run of the band).
It went fantastic, although we started a tad later than expected (my GN'R impression went down well) which meant we had to cut out a few songs, we only had about two to three mistakes in the entire set and were all equally happy with our performance(s).
Can't wait for the next one :D:D:D
Family is all doing good, not much has changed really.
Football....... TOP OF THE TABLE!!!! 10 games to go........ gonna be scary games hopefully we can get to the derby game without to much pressure on it..... I would hate for that to be a massive turning point at the end of the season.......or would I?
PS3 trophies have been flying all over the place, been picking up old ones on Fifa 09, 10 and 11, got the plat for Batman: Arkham Asylum and WWE: Raw V Smackdown 2010.
Currently playing on Batman: Arkham City and loving it. Still gotta finish off Mortal Kombat and L.A. Noire but just haven't been motivated to yet .
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