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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Been awhile...

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Hello and welcome all.
Been awhile since my last blog on here....can't say much has changed really.:haha:
Band's going pretty well (still don't have a name yet....suggestions???) having a few problems with transport at the moment so will be on the quiet side for a few weeks I think but we will make it through and hopefully come New Year we will be out gigging and earning some much deserved dollar :)
Football......well arn't Manchester 'Shit'y doing well :mad: 
Can't knock it though, they have been playing some wonderful football and deserve there place at the moment....AT THE MOMENT. I have a feeling they will lose soon (can't see them going all the way without losing) but if they carry on the way they are and producing the football they have been, then I would happily appauld them on winnning the Prem.
United need to up there game if they want to challenge for the title, yeah they may be winning there games but its games like Swansea where we should really be laying into them and getting 4 - 5 goals in the back of the net.
And I will say it before anyone comments on this (no-one ever comments :sad:) lol 6-1 :angry::angry::angry:
Family/Baby news: Yeah we all doing good.
Lol of course thats not all I'm going to put.... we had a fantastic break at the end of October and went to Butlin's, Skegness for a week and luckily the weather held up and only had two bad days. Entertainment was cracking, some eye candy there (can look but can't touch or masturbate to :p) Think my daughter enjoyed it however at only 10 months its hard to tell lol.
She got 3 little teeth now and the forth one is breaking through....looks like she will have her two front teeth for Christmas :D
Speaking of Christmas.... I can't believe it is almost here again. Only seems like two minutes ago that I was sat in hospital eating a ham sandwich waiting for her to be born :wtf:
Game news: Fuck since the last blog I've got the platinum for inFamous and also got one for WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania. Now I have been playing Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions, and almost got the Platinum for that :D
Proper little trophy whore :haha:.
Dunno what to play next though, quite a few games have come out and I have the chance to get one for X-Mas though I don't know which one to pick......
I suppose I should go for inFamous 2 and get that out of the way....hmmmm....
Right anyway I think that is all and I think I have waffled on far to much your probably bored now and gave up after the first sentence :(
Buh bye
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